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  • Binh Thuan: replanting and improving 12,500 ha of cashew

    Dec 14th, 2017

    Thus, for Binh Thuan province to achieve the same cashew production as while the area of ​​cashewnut has not increased (about 17 thousand hectares), it is necessary to increase productivity from 2 to 2.5 times compared with current at the rate of 12 to 15 quintals per hectare. Binh Thuan is one of the four provinces with the largest cashew area in the country with more than 17 thousand hectares, after Binh Phuoc (135 thousand hectares) and Dong Nai (40 thousand hectares). Although the area is quite large but most of cashew in Binh Thuan is located on the foot of the land is not favorable, bad land, no water for irrigation, difficult conditions for intensive farming; Most of what is planted with plantlets, poor quality seed, not selected. These varieties are characterized by low fruit, small fruit, easy to infect and pestilent, focused in a short time vulnerable to adverse weather conditions such as rainy in the season when the flowering ... So the yield is low with about 6-7 quintals / ha compared to the national average of 9.1 quintals per hectare.

    In order to improve the productivity and quality of cashews, the re-cultivation, improvement of cashew nut quality, planting is one of the most important measures. The practice shows that the introduction of intensive farming techniques can double the yield of cashew and increase the efficiency of land use. Intensive cultivation also helps the garden adapt well to climate change, limit the impact of unlucky season rain. The scale and scope of intensive cashew-growing in Binh Thuan province is very high, the cost is not high. In order to increase efficiency in cashew production, Binh Thuan must promote agricultural extension, transfer of technical advances in intensive farming, re-cultivation and grafting to guide people to prevent pests. Strictly controlling the production and trading of grafted seedlings to restrict the sale of cashew seed of unknown origin, this is the main problem for high quality cashew orchards. Local authorities should promote the formation of production organizations of cashew growers and related units to mobilize enterprises to promote linkages and construction of material areas and large fields.

    According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Binh Thuan province, cashews are chosen as one of the key crops of the province from now to 2020. Accordingly, to improve productivity, quality and security Cashew nut export requirements, Binh Thuan province will undertake reforestation and breeding 12,500 hectares of cashew.Mr. Phan Van Tan, deputy director of the Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Binh Thuan province, said that the cashew is grown mainly in Duc Linh, Tanh Linh, Ham Tan and Ham Thuan Bac districts. However, productivity is relatively low. To develop sustainable cashew, Binh Thuan has proposed that the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development continue to direct research and selection of new cashew varieties for cashew growers; Support the technology change processing facilities to improve the quality of cashew nuts ...

    In addition, Binh Thuan province also paid much attention to the good propaganda and mobilization of farmers to see the benefits and benefits of re-cultivation, improvement and development of cashew orchards to improve productivity, quality and Economic efficiency in the production of cashew, from which voluntary investment to implement re-cultivation, improvement of cashew orchards; At the same time, creating conditions for people to access short-term and medium-term loans for production investment. To study the development of domestic cashew consumption market, forecast foreign markets to orient the producers and cashew processing enterprises in order to have appropriate and effective directions.