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  • Binh Thuan: The price is high but the harvest lost

    Mar 14th, 2017

    At this time, cashew growers in Binh Thuan are in the main harvest of the year. Unlike many years ago, the price of cashew nuts this year reached a high level, ranging from 40,000 to 45,000 VND / kg. However, the joy of the farmer is not complete because of the crop failure, the productivity dropped significantly.Me Pu commune, Duc Linh district has nearly 1,800ha of cashew nut, but only 20% of the area has fruit, most of the area is damaged. Many flower gardens are dry without beans, young seeds are burned black and many fall off.According to the cashew growers here, the cause of cashew flowers is dry, the bugs attacked because of the damage of the fruit rain last season and after the Lunar New Year. Although the people have increased the sprays of sprays, investment in fertilizer care but still not effective.

    Mr. Tran Phuoc (village 4, Me Pu commune), a cashew grower, said that cashew has been the main source of income for the family for many years. His family now has 1.5 hectares of cashew field. At the beginning of this year, what is flowering flowers meet the rain in the season, hoarfrost should cause the flower bunch to be damaged, withered away fruit, but the fruit also fall off gradually. Not only some trees but also the garden of the family is affected by the above phenomenon. If every year just spray the spray twice, this year, he must spray up to five times but the dry thing is still dry. High investment costs but this season's loss of 90%, the family does not know what to take to cover this cost.

    Similarly, Dinh Huu Tam (village 4, Me Pu commune) has 1ha of land. With this area, last year, his family collected about 3 tons of seeds at a price of 25,000 VND / kg, except for family expenses of several tens of millions. However, this year, the price of cashew nuts is high, but the yield is too much to lose but the quality of the cashew is not high.According to Mr. Tam, unusual weather, sudden heavy rains not only make flowers do not fruit but also cause pests to grow harmful on the cashew.

    Duc Linh is the area with the most articles in the province. According to Duc Linh District Agriculture Department, the district has more than 10,000 ha, concentrated in the communes of Me Pu, Sung Nhon, Duc Hanh, Tan Ha ... Up to now, the cashew orchards damaged from 80-90%. Most of the damaged orchards have the same condition as dried flowers withered fruit, young fruit dropping branches.

    According to the initial observation, besides unfavorable weather conditions due to the fact that cashew trees are experiencing heavy rain and frost, the low productivity of cashew is partly due to farmers not paying much attention to the prevention of insects. Disease, over time the old trees, yield less. The agricultural sector has advised farmers to pay attention to the care of cashew trees properly, actively prevent disease to increase productivity for the next crop.

    Not only Đức Linh, cashew growers in Tánh Linh, Hàm Tân ... also fall into the status of "losing the price." Most of the cashew area in the area is in the condition of no fruit or fruit is very little. , The productivity is much lower than in previous years.Binh Thuan has about 18,000 ha of cashewnut, mainly concentrated in Duc Linh, Tanh Linh and Ham Tan districts. It is defined as a high economic value crop, not only a source of food for human consumption but also a source of raw materials for the processing industry.

    In 2016, cashew is selected by Binh Thuan as one of the main crops of the province until 2020. Accordingly, in order to improve productivity, quality, ensure the requirements of cashew exports, in the coming time, The province plans to replant and cultivate 12,500 ha of cashew; At the same time, support from 50-80% of the price of seedlings for compatriots, especially ethnic minorities and compatriots in upland mountainous communes will be supported. In addition, support for seeds, supplies, fertilizers and funds for the transfer of scientific and technical applications to production.

    Hong Hieu

    Source: Vietnam + / VNA