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  • Binh Thuan develops cashew in a sustainable way

    Sep 1st, 2017

    According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Binh Thuan province, cashews are chosen by this locality as one of the key crops of the province from now to 2020. Accordingly, to improve productivity, quality and security To meet the demand for cashew nut export, Binh Thuan will undertake to replant and cultivate 12,500 ha of cashew.

    Mr. Phan Van Tan, deputy director of Binh Thuan's Agriculture and Rural Development Department, said that there are currently more than 17,000 ha of cashew nut in Binh Thuan province, mainly in Duc Linh and Tanh Linh districts. , Ham Tan and Ham Thuan Bac. Of which, 15,365 hectares are in the harvesting period with an average yield of 6.5 to 7 quintals per hectare; The average output is 10,000 tons / year. However, productivity and output are still relatively low. This is due to the fact that much of the cashewnut area was previously seeded and not selective; At the same time, the problem of proper cultivation investment of some cashew growers has not been paid attention, leading to a decrease in cashew yield and yield.

    Binh Thuan identified cashew as one of the key crops up to 2020. (Photo: NS)

    To meet the demand for export of this product, Binh Thuan province will undertake to replant and cultivate 12,500 ha of cashew, thereby improving productivity, quality and requirements for export of cashew nuts. The province also provides support from 50% - 80% of the price of seedlings to ethnic people, especially ethnic minorities, people in mountainous communes with disadvantages; To support seeds, supplies, fertilizers and funds for the transfer of scientific and technical applications to production.

    To develop sustainable cashew, Binh Thuan has asked the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) to continue to direct the research and selection of new cashew varieties for cashew producers. Support processing facilities to change technology to improve the quality of cashew nuts ...In order to develop sustainable cashew production, the direction and target for the province to stabilize 17,000 ha of cashew trees by 2020. Binh Thuan province also focuses on developing cashew in the direction of intensive farming in order to bring the average yield from 12 to 15 quintals per hectare with output reaching 20,400 tons to 25,500 tons per year.

    According to Phan Van Tan, Deputy Director of the Agriculture and Rural Development Department of Binh Thuan province, the agricultural sector has put forward many solutions such as mobilizing resources, carrying out propaganda and mobilizing people to The efficiency and benefits of re-cultivation and improvement of cashew orchards have been clearly seen to improve productivity and quality, thus investing in intensive farming, re-farming and improving cashew orchards.

    Strengthening the quality management of cashew varieties, direct the inspection and inspection of establishments producing and trading cashew varieties in accordance with the provisions of law. The agriculture sector also advised the people's committee of Binh Thuan province on the support mechanism to promote intensive farming, replanting and grafting and improving the cashew orchards, thereby developing plans, roadmaps and measures for implementation. male. Review the area to continue intensive farming, alternative planting area to develop alternative plans, planting, grafting and intensive cashew growing.

    At the same time, the transfer of new varieties of high yield, high quality, resistant to pests and diseases, adapt to climate change conditions to transfer to people. A guide for farmers "Technical process management of mosquito bugs and cashew nuts" to limit losses and organize training courses on intensive farming, improving cashew orchards to improve productivity and quality. In addition, there is a solution to organize production, build linkages between production and consumption groups between farmer groups, co-operative groups and co-operative cooperatives with export processing enterprises. Linkage between the two sides to create good quality cashew nut area, increase income for cashew growers.