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  • Binh Phuoc: The thing in 2016: Lost season, farmers ... have fun!

    Jun 11th, 2016

    In late May, but the price for it at the end of the farmers sold fresh in the garden remains a towering 31,000 VND / kg. El nino phenomenon has reduced cashew yield of 20-40% (depending on region), but the high price service from beginning to end, farmers elated confidence in agricultural industry in the current situation is only "small bow over the bridge, "the NIS Vietnam.


    Previously, many had "burden" Lunar New Year in the garden to harvest season this year that it is later than 1 month but not concentrated but scattered nine.

    Article 110 hectare farm of Chien Hung Vo Khac Khoan village, Phu Nghia (BGM) often yield, stable yield, an average of nearly 3 tons / ha thanks to good care. But this year, he also could not help wondering War by late that season and uneven cotton, just above a flowering tree branch, branch no cotton. According to his calculations War, this year's average yield is only about 2.1 tons / ha (previous year 2.9 tons / ha). Explaining this phenomenon, the agricultural extension staff said that due to reduced precipitation this year and during the 6-month dry season does not happen unseasonal rains should things not to sprout deciduous flowering.

    According to data from the General Statistics Office, 2015 cashew acreage is 291,959 hectares nationwide, down 3269 ha compared to 2014, while harvested area 284,059 ha. Accounting for 71.2% Southeastern total area of ​​the country.

    Planning of the Ministry of Agriculture - Rural Development 2020 stability that 300,000 hectares of area, yield 450,000 tons, concentrated mainly in Binh Phuoc and Dong Nai province, meanwhile, the processing capacity of Vietnam more 1.3 million tons of crude materials / year.

    Ms. Tran Thi Yen Rên Bu village, commune BGM (BGM) to stick with it over 35 years trees said: This year is the season BGM social than social conditions in the district (from Dak O come out) but the output is only about 80% compared to 2015. the irregular flowering, but scattered all 5 ha of the family, this year earned only 7 tons.

    According to survey data of Horticulture Departments - Plant Protection (Department of Agriculture - Rural Development), the current area of ​​trees harvested is 127 077 hectares, the total output of 141 151 tons, the average yield of 1 , 1 t / ha. El nino phenomenon has done that this season yields down nearly 0.3 tons / ha, lost nearly 35,000 tons of output compared with the previous crop (crop year 2014 to 2015, total production reached more than 177 thousand tons, capacity average yield 1.4 tons / ha).

    Lunar New Year, the big thing is just ripe garden several kilograms per day, the price of crude in the garden 30-31 thousand / kg. After the festival it is not yet in the main season and the possibility of crop failure, the price of crude has jumped to fresh 33-34 thousand VND / kg. Last May, Ms. Ngo Thi Hanh street in Tan Xuan, Tan Xuan (Dong Xoai) - Fresh small business buys more than 30 years in the garden, still busy buying and selling, by the end of the season fresh price remains excessively high more than 31,000 VND / kg. This is also the best season by strange things in the beginning of the end of season prices.

    With cashews, though prices stabilized at a high level in 2 consecutive years in 2015 and 2016 but the area farmers to invest only 41 912 ha / 127 077 ha of total area, the average yield reached 1.48 tons / ha, yield 61 826 tons. The area is 43 351 hectares less investment, the average yield of 1.15 tons / ha, more than 49 664 tons of production reached. Area farmers at the mercy of more than 41 813 hectares of the sky, the yield was only 0.71 tons / ha, yield 29 660 tons. Bu Dang has the largest area in the province that nearly 57,000 hectares but the area farmers to invest just over 8,500 hectares, concentrated in the communes along Highway 14 as Germany Lieu, Minh Hung, the average yield Solidarity ... Force this year reached 1.35 tons / ha. Size at investing or not investing mainly in the eastern communes S'tieng compatriots, the yield was only 0.66 tons / ha.

    Vo Van Tung Anh Tan Xuan neighborhood, Tan Xuan Ward 8 ha in Tan Hung thing (Dong Phu) said, compared with the previous year it decreased 40% yield but thanks to high prices, the total revenue in the previous year. Ms. Ly Thi Le Tan Hung has orchard in elated because only 2.5 hectares which, in 2015 collected 7 tons, 6 tons, but this year revenues thanks to high prices, the total revenue more than 20 million over the previous year. Late that season, not concentrated but scattered nine should increase labor costs 1,000 VND / kg. Therefore, only large farms hire pick new things, and most of the self-harvest gardens, make and to earn.

    High prices early in June, the season has ended, but things are enlisting gardeners glean the remnant left to sell salvaged offset productivity losses due to El Nino. Drought during the harvest season so the quality of the ball nut, stretch round, beautiful. Late that season, not highly concentrated but farmers throughout the season so excited and confident by comparison with other industrial plants that invest less, yields only meet one third of the processing capacity domestic factories and distance supply - demand is greater. The area that the golden years of rubber has fallen by about one third and now although yield is improved but still has not met with the processing capacity of the business.

    The rainy season, sowing season has arrived, cashews, the only cash crop price forecasts are good for years to come, when businesses are struggling improve processing quality to meet the demanding markets accounted greater importance is the US, the EU needs domestic materials. The desire of the cashew growers and the agricultural sector with market management solution and address seedlings to farmers prestigious breeding trust replanting, new planting cashew ...

    Phuong Ha

    Source: Binh Phuoc