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  • Binh Phuoc: Special laissez cashews

    Oct 13th, 2016

    Currently there are about 30 cooperatives (cooperatives) have items labeled international trade fair for products tea, coffee, handicrafts, spices. In Binh Phuoc and Phuoc Hung cooperative cashews, Tien Hung commune (Dong Xoai) have also been labeled an international trade fair 7 this year. Benefit from the international trade fair that charmed people do cooperative.


    Not coincidentally the cashew farmers cooperative Phuoc Hung known fair trade certified internationally. This is supported by the project "Poverty reduction through development assistance overall small business" - prized (Netherlands), was deployed Provincial Farmers Association for staple crops in 2007.

    To be fair trade certified, growers what to do? Dam Xuan Tho, Deputy General Director of Binh Phuoc that co-operative unions, who heads the technical process, said: Fair Trade is a partnership between producers and consumers on the basis of dialogue and transparency . Fair Trade certification is an international certification. Enterprises achieve this certification will have more product sales channels, expand product markets, exports through fair trade system.

    Want to achieve certification must meet the standards that the organization of fair trade brands (Fair Trade) set. Process of care requires the following requirements: First, the human factor. Implementers must complete volunteer training courses, covering an area from 0.5 to 10 hectares under cultivation. Second, the environment must be guaranteed orchard planting trees or windbreaks; to protect water resources, wildlife protection, no shell and plant protection drugs. Community engagement is the third request, which requires all industrial waste is not in the orchard. Fourth, the employer is not disabled; do not use in pregnant women in hazardous work or heavy work which must be arranged in other jobs to supplement income; do not use child labor, violence against children in the family, all children are children of members must go to school.

    After the strict implementation of the requirements set out, Fair Trade Organizations will appoint inspection done on the garden steps it through journals and sampling, if reached farmers will be recognized friendly production environment, sustainable development and certification in 30 days. Trade justice demands from production to processing to achieve certain standards. Cooperative Phuoc Hung currently no cashew processing plant standards should have partnered with a company in Binh Duong certified international fair trade processing. Tagged with international fair trade products will go straight into the demanding markets such as USA, EU.


    This is what the farmer could not have imagined when it exported 1kg $ 0.33 enjoy additional welfare funds. This is money the consumer goods trade fair pay for good products, with clear origins. The amount of investment benefits are used to reproduce, perform community work. 2016, the amount of co-operative welfare Phuoc Hung reached nearly 1 billion while export volume was only 600 tons / 38 household members. In particular, investment in reproduction (buying fertilizer for the household member) 250 million, donated 146 gifts on the occasion of the new school year for students in the province foothold cooperatives, building charity houses for 1 member Pham Thi Vang; remaining operating funds, training, pay the fee for certification bodies, funds against climate change ...

    Charge a fee of certification organizations 100 million. Every year, the organization will appoint a person to check the production process, without achieving the certification discontinued. An inspection of 3-5 days. Households were randomly selected to take care processes must be synchronized. Dam Xuan Tho He adds, inspections in 2016, has two member households make mistakes but was overcome. These mistakes usually cover plant protection products, water bottles, shell noodles, leftover plastic bags in the garden, birds ... And his household Tho confirmed, during the last residues plant protection products on the members of the household gardens sampling is absolutely safe.


    Also Cooperative Phuoc Hung, in which co-operative unions are cooperatives Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai 3, Thanh Phat (Bu Dang) and BGM, BGM district. In doing so, they Dong Nai has also been labeled an international trade fair. According to Mr. Dam Xuan Tho, Binh Phuoc co-operative unions that are guiding the members of two cooperatives Thanh Phat BGM and organic cashew production. This is the quickest steps can soon be recognized Fair Trade Organization fair trade labeling.

    The production process of organic things like what the international fair trade. Just another thing entirely to use organic manure and no chemical dosing control cashew pest, do not use genetically modified ingredients. This method of production is considered superior quality standards in the world today. But also have to say that organic produce farmers initially encountered some difficulties when yields decline, costs of care over. However, because being on the road branding should bring benefits to farmers are not specific. Can only confirm that the market for products that organic standards are unlimited.

    Source: Binh Phuoc OL