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  • Binh Phuoc: Selection of varieties that farmers and what to know

    Aug 19th, 2016

    In order to recruit the production of cashew farmers and the elite cashew yield, high quality and stability, better tolerance of plants to apply for the recruitment, certification, management and excellent use of cashew seed centers Agriculture, Forestry, Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Binh Phuoc province has issued Decision No. 173 / QD-SNN dated 07/4/2016 issued the same selection criteria that farmers .

    Elite trees must be between 8 years and older, high yield and stable for three consecutive years of over 50 kg / tree ...

    Accordingly, these varieties are selected to achieve the following criteria:

    - Cashew elite as individuals excel in terms of both population growth, yield and quality.

    - Bring typical morphological characteristics of the variety, not lost or modified when propagated asexually.

    - Tree elite must achieve targets such as trees from 8 years and older, high yield and stable for three consecutive years of over 50 kg / tree, the average volume of particles <170 particles / kg, 28-34% recovery rate, flowering 2-3 times / season ensures stable performance when adverse weather, plant growth, development, and less disease are spreading.

    To be certified, recognized local varieties for farmers just observed, assessed according to the criteria above. Centre for Agriculture and Forestry seeds, cashews should be the relevant authorities inspect, evaluate and recommend the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (via Sub Horticulture and Rural Development) accreditation. Organizations and individuals have been recognized responsible management and care under the guidance of the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

    Master seed (elite cashew) is farmers only be exchanged or traded within the commune where the tree is recognized. For advertised Breeding Center, introduced the same source, is mined, providing breeding material from seedlings to farmers of the surrounding areas, the complaints and denunciations and requests for executive compensation illegal infringement of seedlings.

    The owner of the seed must be responsible for the care, protection and exploitation of the same in accordance with the technical process. Establish monitoring window provides propagating material. Report mining results, growth and development situation of the seedlings and the changes related to the cancellation of seedlings for the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development annual recurring. For the farmers are responsible for providing propagating material for producing neighboring farmers in the commune where the cashew varieties recognized. For Seed Centre has the responsibility to provide the propagating material for the production of neighboring farmers in the province or neighboring provinces as has been assayed trial production.

    Source: TTKNKN Binh Phuoc