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  • Binh Phuoc: Growing cashew grafting of local people quite well

    Mar 10th, 2020

    Recently, the Farmer Association of Bu Gia Map Commune (Bu Gia Map District, Binh Phuoc Province) organized a sightseeing and learning experience on the model of local nursery, planting and tending. The model of growing cashew grafted locally developed economically towards commodity production in Long Binh commune, Phu Rieng district. Joining the delegation were Mr. Nguyen Tan Luc - Chairman of the District People's Association and more than 30 officials and members of commune farmers.

     The delegation visited the model of nursery, planting cashew grafting locally in Long Binh commune. Officers and members, farmers of Bu Gia Map commune were provided with information, introduction on techniques, experience and methods of grafting local cashew nuts by local members and farmers in Long Binh commune. . The model of growing local grafted cashew nuts is bringing high economic efficiency. This is also a premise for the first step, members and farmers of the parties continue to cooperate and exchange more information during the trip. Quan.

    Talking about techniques of growing cashew grafted locally, Mr. Vi Van Giap, owner of a local grafting cashew farm, said: “To grow cashew orchards well, achieve high productivity requires caregivers need meticulous, applied in accordance with the general process of preparing soil, selecting cashew varieties, preventing and preventing diseases and fungi on cashew trees. The good soil, carefully taken care of will extend the life of grafted cashew, cashew growers can collect more than 20 years of fruit to bring economic efficiency, stable income ".

     The military in the region captures the public domain

     Members and farmers of Bu Gia Map commune, Bu Gia Map district (Binh Phuoc) visit and take photos at the local cashew grafting garden model in Long Binh commune. (photo: Huy Dong)

    Also according to Mr. Vi Van Giap, for good cashew grafting, the application of scientific and technical advances is very important to avoid pests and diseases. Besides, gardeners must regularly visit grafted orchards to observe and detect pests and diseases, promptly take appropriate preventive measures to manage gardens well ... Grafting orchard monitoring is one of the factors that ensure there are bumper crops.

    After the visit and study at local cashew grafting orchards in Long Binh commune, Phu Rieng district, officers and members of farmers in Bu Gia Map commune will continue to study, consider and select suitable models. with local soil conditions, including the planting of local grafted cashew trees. Visiting, learning and applying new models, new plants, advanced farming techniques in order to create conditions for the development of member household economy according to the scale of producing high-quality goods to meet market demand, contributing to local economic development