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  • Binh Phuoc: Export turnover is estimated at 99.433 million in May USD

    May 31st, 2016

    According to statistics of the authorities, only some industry-wide production of the province is estimated to increase 3.24% 5-2016 month over the previous month and increased by 13.33% over the same period last year. Some products are mainly produced as: Construction Stone 54.221,4m Convention 3, up 1.12% from the previous month, an increase of 1.09% over the same period last year. Respectively: 5,352 tons of cashew nut, up 10.77%, up 14.93%; tapioca, arrowroot powder 7082.1 tons, an increase of 6.65% and 12.85% increase; plywood to wood and materials 16.173,1m 3, up 4.60%, up 42.22%; 165 925 tons of clinker, an increase of 3.70%, up 0.03%; sound signaling devices 6459.2 thousand units, an increase of 0.47% and 2.12% increase; 137.3 million kWh of electricity produced, up 5.47% and 8.85% increase ...

    Consumer price index reached 100.51% in May, up 0.51% over the previous month and up 3.81% compared to the same month last year. Value implementation of development investment capital of State budget funds managed by local authorities in May estimated 108.5 billion (of which the provincial government budget is estimated to 79 billion dong, accounting for 73.15 % of state budget 29.5 billion at district level, representing 27.19%). In 2 months has licensed FDI projects (projects of foreign direct investment) with a registered capital of 7.7 million USD. Total retail sales of goods and services in 2696 is estimated at billion, up 1.71% compared to the previous month and up 12.34% over the same period in 2015.

    The total state budget revenue in the province in May is estimated to be 305 billion. 5 months accumulated earned 1,631 billion, reaching 42.36% compared to the annual estimates. The total local budget expenditures for the month is estimated to 492 billion. 5 months accumulated expenditure 2.382 billion, 37.15% more than budget year.

    Export turnover in May is estimated at 99.433 million, up 7.92% compared to 25.76% in April and increased compared to the same period last year. Import turnover is estimated at 25.647 million, up 5.23% over the month 4-2016, up 11% compared to the same period last year.

    Source: Binh Phuoc