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  • Binh Phuoc seasonal thing goes

    Feb 4th, 2016

    From early May 1-2016 to date, due to prolonged drought combined northeasterly wind blowing, many farmers burn it in the growing areas of the province of Binh Phuoc was barren, flowers and young fruit fall pretty much.

    He Dieu Khet (Thac Dai village, Phu Van Bu Gia Map District) said the past few months, no rain so it's close to his family 3ha pretty ragged, shoots and flowers out not by a few seasons ago. Not only that, these days northeasterly wind suddenly blowing constantly, causing premature flower drop and left things pretty much ...

    The same sad mood as Dieu Khet, he Dieu Keng (village Son Trung Duc Hanh Commune, Bu Gia Map District) said: "I am new to support fertilizer plants and flowers that shoots out about half a month ago, but this almost wasted, unusually strong winds for several days over 3 ha did family things fall nearly 50% of flowers and young fruit ... "

    One other key growing areas of the province of Binh Phuoc's Bu Dang district also fall into the same situation. Filled with tears, his virtuosity (Bom Bo Village, Binh Minh commune, Bu Dang district) said: "My family lives on mainly on agriculture, but it was only 6 pole this season as ventricular then, the wind blowing surprise these days makes it premature shedding of flowers and fruit abound, this season would only gain from 5 to 7 million only, while last year earned about 15 million ... "

    Our tour guide Ray thing over 3 hectares of the family, with the voices dismay, he Điểu Article (Bom Bo Village, Binh Minh commune) said: "Whatever things burn my house there are some trees have started to collect planning ripe fruit but in recent days the wind blowing too, making it premature shedding of flowers and green fruit cultivation, damage about 50% ... "

    As for lifelong attachment to this land, farmer thing up (71, Bom Bo Village, Binh Minh commune) thoughtfully: This year is unusual compared to the previous year, prolonged drought, despite the increase fertilizing and watering intensity but still meager cashew, flowers and young fruit into thin. Along with that, the strong monsoon unexpected thing coincided with the flowering plants and young fruit, flowers and fruit should make it quite premature loss, estimated to fall to 50% ...

    None of the 8 hectares of the family that suffered heavy losses, farmer thing up (who was chairman of Binh Minh commune village) adds: nearly all the fields that are in Binh Minh commune and fall flowers young fruit due to the wind blowing quite unusual ...

    With dozens of years experience and currently cashew cultivation 6 ha thing, farmer Le Van Ba ​​(Spring Belly hamlet, Tan Phuoc Commune, Dong Phu District), said: Every year, when the bud is just should have a rain of flowers that thrive and grow well. This year, the dry season coming soon, it did not rain so cashew water shortage. Therefore, it is the flower buds and a half months late compared to previous years, the weather affected adversely should shoots and flower less and uneven. So cashew high-risk ventricular (crop). Mr. Van said that the solution "antlers removed" somewhat risk of crop failure is much need watering and spraying foliar fertilizer (urea) to support plant growth, increase vitality buds, flowers and young fruit thing .

    Hoang Liem

    Source: Nhan Dan Tel