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  • Binh Phuoc previous cashew opportunities and new challenges - Lesson 1

    Mar 23rd, 2016

    As the capital cashew nut products Binh Phuoc famous throughout the country and the world. Therefore, this sector is particularly interested provinces. What to do to maintain the prestige and status that Binh Phuoc on the domestic market as well as the world as Vietnam participated in the "playground" TPP (Economic Partnership Agreement Trans-Pacific) is a matter of urgency posed not only to the management level, especially macro-management, but also for enterprises (companies) production - business and cashew growers in the province.


    Binh Phuoc province has the largest area under cultivation to 134,092 hectares nationwide, accounting for 1/3 of the total area of industrial plants across the province, of which 130 339 hectares were harvested. 2014, the branch of Vietnam exported over 300 thousand tons of people and is the 9th year of the world's top cashew exporter with exports reaching $ 2.2 billion.


    After continuous rubber prices falling for several consecutive years, many farmers have converted lines of business to earn a living income. There are households invest and become production bases - trading big thing. Currently the province has 280 cashew processing enterprises, with a design capacity of 400,000 tons of crude materials / year. Of these, 34 companies export directly and 6 exporters trustee. With the number of companies producing, processing and output a powerful thing it's high annual exports makes the export markets of the province's expanding, foreign partners come on a lot.

    Binh Phuoc also points out that small purchase and difficult to manage

    In addition to the major markets such as China and the US, the last time it was being exported to new markets are the EU countries. Specifically, in 2015, production of cashew nuts in the Netherlands exported 4,327 tons worth USD 33.371 million in the UK 1,650 tons worth USD 12.698 million ... In Asia, the Thai market in grain production cashew exports in 2015 was 1,211 tons, worth 9.169 million dollars; Singapore 100 tons, worth 771 thousand dollars ... Other Markets 3,050 tons, worth $ 14,572.

    Cashew export market Binh Phuoc constantly expanding, including TPP member countries showed that cashew exports still play a leading role and provide a stable source of income for the province.


    2015, production of cashew nut production reaching 56 747 tons of the province. In particular, production of exports reached 45 281 tons, accounting for 80%, with export turnover reached 337.74 million, up 69.61% in volume and 88.52% in value over the same period last year. This impressive figure showed that the export situation in the province in the near future is quite convenient. Thereby, confirmed the position that Binh Phuoc industry on world markets.

    We market the largest cashew exporter in the province is still China with a market share of 32.57%, followed by the US with a market share of about 21.56% ... In total exports - imports, market China accounted for 14 749 tons worth USD 111.922 million, 75.931 million US dollars 9761 tons, 5240 tons to India 39.662 million, 19.850 million tons with 2,623 Canadian dollars ...

    MATERIALS AND REGIONAL worries shrunk 

    It is currently the main crops of the province, however inevitable vicious cycle is seasonal - devaluation and growing - tight. While farmers do not have long-term strategic direction, and thought seriously chasing trees "golden age", the area of the materials increasingly tend to narrow. Specifically, in 2007, the province has 171 thousand hectares of thing, but now only 134 092 ha.

    "Due to the source material should reduce production of crude annually provides for businesses in the province can only meet a fraction, the remaining companies to import raw cashew from India, Indonesia, Ivory Coast ... In that, Ivory Coast accounts for production of crude imported into Binh Phuoc highest "- Vice Chairman Tran Ngoc Trai said in his meeting with the Association of Cotton and the Ivory Coast May 2-2016.

    In addition to these companies, large enterprises with full equipment, ensure product quality, there are many small-scale processing facilities, households with the production process does not lead to substandard safety assurance food. In order to stabilize the industry things, avoid the "worm ointment", requires financial institutions to closely manage the establishment of the company, cashew processing facilities. In doing so, to create a stable source of raw materials, management systems from growing cashew sector, purchasing new processing to ensure the prestige, position that Binh Phuoc in TPP integration period. At the same time comply with the policy of restructuring the province's agricultural areas and new rural construction trends raise product value chain increased, sustainable development associated with building a new countryside in the province , the period from 2015 to 2020. If solved these problems, this is a solid step to cashew enter TPP integration period as well as generate revenue for the provinces key.

    Source: Binh Phuoc OL