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  • Binh Phuoc on what wine

    Feb 15th, 2016

    If as Binh Dinh is famous for stone wine gourd, Dalat wine grapes, grapefruit liquor attached Dong Nai, Ben Tre coconut wine nực in Binh Phuoc, the farmer who had a desire to build a brand, "Do it" themselves far on the domestic market and internationally. It is a unique product is extracted from the ripe fruit that farmers in Vo Thi My Le Village 7, Ming Lap commune (Chon Thanh).

    Spring, the new year is the time to Binh Phuoc farmers entered the harvest time. This is also an ideal stage to hoarding wine processing material things. Alcohol is not common but it has been in the domestic market and internationally through exhibitions, trade promotion. With a slightly sweet taste, spicy and mild aroma that makes novelty products Binh Phuoc farmers are very far-reaching.


    In 1992, Ben Tre waterborne Binh Phuoc to establish the business, Ms. Vo Thi My Le (SN1955) had wanted to stick with this place by fertile soils of the Southeast. At first, her family trees intercropped things, wheat, pepper, jackfruit, tangerine ... on the same area to increase the income and the long-term. In 2010, her family has owned for more than 20 hectares of crops, of which the majority is and Tangerine Road. 12 hectares of sugar and citrus, Ms. Le has boldly experiment created dishes, exotic drinks. In particular, the month 4-2010, Vietnam Fruit Festival takes place at the First Tien Giang Province, Ms. Le was sent to participate 7 products as raw materials from the left that jam, candy, purple water, dried fruit which, wine ... There she is Le DCP (Ministry of Agriculture and rural Development) awarded the title of "The innovative agriculture".

    Ms Le said: Binh Phuoc is the capital of the cashew. Every year, the cashew has brought great benefit as farmers change lives. Cashew nuts are not only widely developed in the domestic market but also exported to many countries around the world. However, only the people of Binh Phuoc cashews advantage while the husband left to throw, waste on the ground. That does not make the best economic potential revenue but also pollute the environment. After the apples are golden Festival Vietnam - Binh Phuoc, encouragement, encouragement of the Provincial Farmers Association, a number of brothers and sisters in the Industry Promotion Center, Ms. Le increasingly determined to make the left-conditioning products, especially specialty wine is created.

    To the wine delicious, ripe fruit right thing, red ripe, sweeter and ensure no contaminated soil. Once selected, washed, drained, left something to be pressed or squeezed juice. Next, Ms. Le to an appropriate amount of salt dissolved in a solution and then pour the juice it back residue things. When completed preliminary processing stage of raw materials left it, she Fees for crushed yeast mixed herbs and soaked. Within 15 days (twice the incubation period of rice wine to create the breakdown), the rice that was brought to distillation. This is the final stage of processing, pour it into a pot of rice cooking wine, boil for low heat for 4-6 hours will have to taste that wine, alcohol content and high level of tolerance among the lowest is 28 degrees.

    Ms Le said, usually associated with things left 100kg 1kg distilled alcohol will be 20 liters of wine. Per batch, 100 liters of distilled her own, May 2-2015, is 500 liters of wine processing. And alcohol for as long as a good thing. Therefore, the market price is more expensive than selling rice wine. A liter of wine that sells for $ 40 thousand.

    Processing the manual method, but it's Ms. Le liquor was certified product technical creativity 3/2015 th provincial and programs present in many exhibitions, investment promotion abroad.


    Wine is unique drinks longstanding. It's always there in the holidays, parties and even the people's normal day. In particular, fruit wine is a product with high nutritional value with low alcohol content should be multi-user. Her wine Le was a new thing, but already many people in the area and enjoy popularity.

    Anh Pham Minh Chien (29), Tien Thanh (Dong Xoai) said: "New Year in 2015, a friend gave me one bottle that branded Long Tigers (product of alcohol that Ms. Vo Thi My Le - Reporter ). When hold the glass up, made a light and fragrant scent, it feels like ripe fruit. Wine tastes slightly sweet, spicy sweet made me extremely refreshing. It's almost like a mild wines I have ever enjoyed. "

    Mr. Nguyen Van Nam (54), Ming Lap commune (Chon Thanh) said: "Unlike rice wine, each drink it, who I find palatable. The moment a little tired, I often reward myself a few glasses. However, the high price of wine which doubled up in the days of rice wine wedding anniversaries or weddings for me, I dare not buy this wine to treat guests ".

    At the Technical Innovation Contest Binh Phuoc 3/2015 th, the inventor of wine that drew My Le, compelling many to enjoy. Even her that alcohol was present at Le major markets such as Hanoi, Ho. Ho Chi Minh or Cambodia in the exhibitions, trade promotion. Ms Le said: "Every session attended exhibitions in the provinces in the region, promoting trade in Cambodia, I sent out more than 100 bottles of wine which were all popular and purchased as gifts. However, due to product design is not beautiful, not creating the mark should limit the growth of the wine thing. I hope the next time, it will take out the alcohol demanding markets abroad, contributing to the value of cashew and products from it ".

    The production of wine that not only large source of income for farmers, solve environmental pollution problems, but also complete development of the cashew sector, dominated by cashew Binh Phuoc exist, expand the area, increase production, contribute to improving the economic value. Hope beyond the traditional product, not too distant future, Binh Phuoc will have special things called wine.


    Source: Binh Phuoc OL