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  • Binh Phuoc cashew production towards large, modern

    Oct 24th, 2016

    Is considered the "capital of thing" with an area that accounts for over 50% of the total area of the country that, however long the current situation in Binh Phuoc cashews grow unstable, has not been adequate attention, pose many problems of planning and development investment.

    Area of fragmentation, low productivity

    Bu Gia Map District is the major cashew growing province of Binh Phuoc. According to the Secretary of the District Party Committee Tran Quang Company BGM, the district has about 20,000 ha of cashew, cashew production reached about 32 963 tons in 2016, the average yield of 1.6 tons / ha / crop. However, most of the cashew growers are farmers and farming area, covering notably the protection of ethnic minorities. And at the level of the province, according to incomplete statistics of the authorities, an area of the province that currently range from about 134,000 to 180,000 hectares but the area that small, fragmented remains dominant when to distributed more than 77 600 farmers. The main features that make it difficult to grow crops as expected. According to the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development in Binh Phuoc province, the area under cultivation by small-scale (less than 2 ha / farmer) is relatively large (nearly 87 thousand hectares), where in the distance, with longer life difficulties (especially in ethnic minority households S'tieng), farmers no intensive farming conditions; many areas that are planted on slopes, soil erosion quickly, leading to reduced productivity. Moreover, the aging area of the province that is quite a lot (more than 26 thousand hectares).

    The concern is that the majority of farmers still see things as trees hold the soil. Thus, in recent years the care, intensive orchard is not focused on people or investors, but very limited, mainly mercy for natural cashew. Even trees grafted only reached 45% of care requirements, create canopy, pruning, fertilization, pest control, weed ... The scientific advances - new techniques have not been to Its mass, approximately 45% of new farmers fertilizing, spraying when preparing stimulate flowering and fruiting spray pesticides. Intensive measures such as watering, saving water, advanced irrigation, intercropping to increase production efficiency ... have not been interested. The area that is intensive, proper care processes and yield from 3.5 tons to 5 tons / ha / crop are about 2,000 hectares (approximately 1.5% of the total area of which the product).

    Besides, due to difficulties in capital, so most investors are now less technological line processing of export eligible, just stop at the level of processing, outsourcing, resulting in goods no brand, lack of competitiveness. Bu Gia Map District currently has 24 cashew processing enterprises and 122 enterprises processing small thing. However, of these only one is now processing individual noodle products and exports; the remaining units at just peel - shelling, silk processing, then sold to other enterprises for processing exports. Also including Binh Phuoc province now has 200 businesses and 400 cashew processing units, but most enterprises and grassroots-level processing, not enough range of direct export of products. Therefore, the last in 2015, Binh Phuoc, only exported nearly 45.3 thousand tons of people with a turnover of nearly 337.8 million USD, accounting for 15% of total production and 14% less than what's export turnover of the country !

    Toward big production

    May 6-2016, Binh Phuoc Provincial People's Committee has issued the scheme for sustainable development of the cashew sector in Binh Phuoc province until 2020. The aim of the project is 2020, that area of the province at about 181,000 hectares stability. Including 137,000 hectares of agricultural land planted with 48,000 hectares yielding more than three tons / ha, 30,000 ha yield two to three tons / ha; 43,300 hectares of forest land for planting on yields of 1.8 tons / ha. At the same time, using 100% new varieties (graft) high yield, high quality, putting new strains on the rate of 45%, equivalent to 60,000 hectares; which, in the area of replanting, rehabilitation of 30,000 hectares; 90% of households with gardens in an area larger than 2 hectares (43 382 ha equivalent) and 50% of households with gardens in an area of less than 2 hectares (43 390 ha equivalent) applies intensive measures , implemented to create canopy, pruning, fertilizing, pest control technical process and technical application increase flowering, fruiting, apply active irrigation in places favorable water ...

    Also, by 2020 the province will form at least 40 clubs associated production (corresponding to an area from 3,000 to 5,000 ha) in 121 communes and towns (with about 1,200 households) as cooperative economic organizations and organizations to unite producers, club and league cashew farmers. Chain link formed between corporate purchasing, processing, exporting to an organization of cashew growers in the province ... In addition, the continuing review and adjustment of the planning and processing industry coming folded processing enterprises, export it in the direction of reducing clue, reduce small processing facility, does not guarantee the safety conditions of food hygiene; development of large processing facilities, equipment and modern technology capable of processing 1,000 tons / year. In particular, focus on supporting enterprises with design capacity of 100 thousand tons / year; increasing the capacity of processing plants to around 350 thousand tons / year, ensuring the processing of all 90% of the output of the province (including imports). By 2020, the province has 100% of the processing facilities are conformity certification, conformance to cashew exports and 20% of it's products, 50% of cashew nut shell oil deep processing ...

    Shortly after the project was born, late May 8-2016, Union Cooperative Binh Phuoc It was born with nearly 480 members from the cooperative: Dong Nai, Thanh Phat (Bu Dang district), BGM (BGM district) and Phuoc Hung (Dong Xoai town). Union model first cooperative of Binh Phuoc plant model toward high-tech things, to the things clean, certified fair trade brand internationally. Earlier last October, at a meeting with the Provincial Cooperative Union on measures to promote the development of collective economic model in the field of agriculture, Party Secretary Nguyen Van Loi agreed to policies to support 100% of the investment cost drip irrigation systems (10 million / ha) for the protection of ethnic minorities (as members of cooperatives) cashew intercropping cocoa trees ; households do not have ethnic minorities are supported by 50% of funding ... In addition, interested provinces create mechanisms and policies to encourage and attract big business to act as the province's link small and medium-sized enterprises to establish direct wholesale export and import things. At the same time, there are compelling policy calling, attract more resources (enterprises, scientists ...) to invest in research cashew value chain, especially the left that (currently underused , wasting). In addition, the province encourages farmers linked to form cooperative groups, cooperatives cashew yield and high quality, safe produce cashew nuts and international standards, thus helping to enhance the value product. Linking production will create more favorable conditions for the transfer of new varieties and apply technological advances to production, investment-intensive, consumer products and promote value added to the value chain tree kite.

    Hoang Liem