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  • Binh Dinh: Improved computer systems automatically cut cup cashews

    Oct 27th, 2015

    After creating the system of separation nut cutters are patented, Mr Mai Vinh Thanh, Director of Engineering and Trading Ltd. Vu Thanh (Phu Tai Industrial Zone, Quy Nhon City) continually improve equipment From a system 15 Compressor motor machines cost about $ 1 billion; So far this system using purely mechanical but yields nearly doubled, again separated by stone, iron ... in the material, the price was only 360 million.

    Close electricity, press operate the system, raw cashew nuts from falling down from a gate, and the gate next to rocks, bolts, iron pieces ... absolutely does not and cashews; particle sorter quite thoroughly, simply from a fan motor mounted. Filter stone, iron and in the NIS has been added Mr. Thanh innovative system. Most recently, last month 8.2015, Ltd. Engineering and Trade Vu Thanh has introduced computer systems automatically cut cup cashews new improvements, productivity almost doubled the old system, but the power consumption constant amount.

    Recently, Mr. Thanh was handed a cup cutter system cashew improvements for customers in Binh Phuoc province. In fact, in 12 hours, the new system was cut from 3.3 to 3.6 tons of raw cashew nuts (of 1 - 1.1 tons). Calculate the nut cutter system continuously replaces from 50-60 manual labor. Percentage of broken particles significantly reduced, with only 3-4% (previously from 7-8%); who still stick shell beads, seed uncut error not exceeding 1%.

    And yet, Mr. Thanh also created separate parts still stick kind of cashew shells after separating cutters do not thoroughly; and improved vibration parts, make cashews from seed hopper containing material included in cutters are not paralyzed in stasis, not blocked. Conveyor systems, floor vibration, bucket hat ... is reduced to minimize power consumption, the area of ​​the printer. From time cutting a 3 seed so far has increased to cut 6 seed once. Mr. Thanh also modified the classification system cashew floor, floor 1 level 2 level raised floor, for easy distribution is 8-10 nuts.

    According to Mr. Thanh, price new system improved machine is 360 million. Currently, many cashew processing facilities in Binh Phuoc province has ordered the facility to buy new machines, as well as to request improvements to the old machine.

    Co. Hanh Tuan (in Phuoc Long Town, Binh Phuoc province) is the first facility in Binh Phuoc province installations cup cashews cutter has improved the Company's Vu Thanh. Vi Da Hu, Director of Tuan Hanh, said: "It has a higher yield than previous 1.5 times, stable performance, can be run during 2 shifts / day, the rate is lower than previous broken grain great number of. It is important to invest in a computer system, the company can save a lot of expenses to cover labor but productivity and product quality significantly increase ".

    "The base of operations in the field of production machinery as we must continuously explore and innovation, technological innovation. Generation born after Vietnam to have advantages over previous generations. It is also our way to protect yourself and copy protection, piracy a "quiet, pleasant" most ".

    Mr. Mai Vinh Thanh, Director of Engineering and Trading Ltd. Vu Thanh

    Recently, Mr. Vo Dinh Thanh - Director Tuan Phat Limited Company (Binh Phuoc province), also has to import about 6 cashews system automatic cutting machine has improved the Company's Vu Thanh. "At peak times, the machine can operate continuously day and night. With this system, the Company has increased the processing capacity is over 20 tons / day, instead of only 10 tons / day as before. Currently we are continuing to assemble add a new cutting machine is high and productivity improvements with star filter mode, Vu Thanh iron base. "

    According to Mr. Mai Vinh Thanh, currently on the market have multiple production facilities cutter system automatic cup cashews; but thanks to the improvements mentioned above that the Company's computer systems Vu Thanh still occupy significant market share in the southern provinces with many localities are considered "capital" of the cashew processing industry.

    "Co. Engineering and Trade Vu Thanh existing 40 technical workers work, many satellite base from Ho Chi Minh City professionals for machine parts, so to meet the demand The higher the customer. I also appointed 3-5 technical staff on duty at Binh Phuoc market, ready to help customers technical operation, repair, or to collect ideas, gaps or require improvements to parts unfinished creation of machines to new "- Mr. Thanh said.

    Source: Binh Dinh