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  • Better productivity of the cashew nut: The recipes of the expert Diabate!

    Dec 9th, 2019

    Now new techniques to get better yield in the cashew crop has been discovered by scientists. In an interview, which he was good enough to grant us, the expert Dr. Moussa Diabaté, said that it is no longer a matter of planting the cashew tree and hoping for the clemency of nature for a good harvest. The technique is changing day by day. According to Dr. Moussa Diabaté, cashew is often planted to fix the dunes and fight against the advance of the desert because of its resistance to drought. This because of the large extent of its root system and its spray. Then he will say that it also serves as a windbreak for crops and that its crown with dense foliage provides a beautiful shade during the dry season."Finally, its twigs and leaves are a source of food for herbivores," said the expert in agronomy. According to him, cashew cultivation is widespread in Asia. Likewise, he says, in Africa, particularly in Mali, this culture is expanding. "The farmers of the areas of Sikasso, Koulikoro and Kayes are more and more interested," he said. However, he pointed out that these peasants use techniques that are becoming archaic, or even obsolete in some ways. For him, the techniques that the Malian farmers use is to plant a large amount of cashew plants in the field. "Without being watered, without any particular maintenance, the tree is left in the hands of nature until it reaches maturity" he lamented, while emphasizing that this culture is done in ignorance, almost total , spacing standards between the tree legs. According to the expert, these days, these techniques are aging. "Thus, researchers from the IPR (Rural Polytechnic Institute) of Katibougou discovered new cultivation techniques of cashew. These are cost-effective techniques that use less space and little time. This technique is promoted, disclosed by the Ministry of Agriculture through the National Directorate of Agriculture and its various representations inside the country, "he said. Confident in these techniques, he argued that it is now up to farmers to go to these new cashew growing technologies for better yield. Still on the subject of cashew culture, he will say that cashew is very important. "Its fruit is edible, its nut, also called cashew, is used in the daily diet. The nut is used as a croquette in the same way as peanut. In addition, the shell of the nut is used in traditional medicine "he explained.