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  • Benin: Fludor launches cashew shelling plant to Zogbodomey

    Aug 8th, 2016

    In Benin, the Fludor company, a subsidiary of General investment Tropical Group (TGI), has launched a cashew nut shelling plant. The infrastructure, whose construction is the result of the combined efforts of Fludor and the NGO Techno Serve, is based in the town of Zogbodomey (center).The plant, which currently can transform some 4,000 tons of cashew, this amount will increase to 15 000 tons and employ 1,500 people. According Commodafrica, this facility will be complemented by another production line which becomes operational next year.

    It must be emphasized that the efforts of Fludor will not concentrate only in the processing sector as the company intends to grow production to make a leap forward by passing about 100 000 tons to 200 000 tons in 2021.