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  • Ba Ria Vung Tau: sorry for the trees!

    Mar 4th, 2016

    This time, along with pepper, cashew trees are starting to harvest. Unlike previous years, the price of cashews is growing at record levels in the last 10 years. The time to take the garden traders buy at prices ranging from 31000-32000 / kg fresh, rose 11000-12000 / kg compared with 10 years ago and rose 3000-5000 compared to the previous contract.

    Harvest orchard is 0.5 ha for early ripening, Nguyen Van Trade, Da Bac commune (Chau Duc district) said: "The thing this year, favorable weather so wrong, good seeds, energy 20% higher than the previous season. Currently, the price of this service is increasing so we have high rates ".

    He said development, previously only price thing at around 18000-22000 / kg. Late that service 2014 - 2015, rates rose to 27000-28000 / kg, but compared with other crops, the economic value of which is still low. If 1ha that yield from 11-13 kg, with prices ranging from 31000-32000 / kg at present, the income from cashew beginner level or slightly higher than other crops such as coffee, cassava ...

    But the paradox is that while prices were high, which in many localities in the province, the area under cultivation has fallen sharply should yield no more. Hoa Hoi commune, one of the "capital" of cashew in BR-VT, within 5 years, nearly half the area it fell. Other localities like Bong Trang commune, Bung Rieng, Hoa Hiep ... has gradually replaced by trees that other trees such as melaleuca, dragon fruit, pepper ...

    The reason is that old orchard, so erratic weather conditions successive crop failures, yield decline from 20-50%, reduce the quality of cashew nuts, the market price uncertainty led many farmers to chop down things switch to crops with higher value. According to the agriculture and rural development sector, in recent years, the province's growing area of ​​continuous decline. By the end of 2015, the province also 9.909ha things, reduce 681,9ha over the previous year.

    Meanwhile, exports of cashew nuts in 2015 and this year there are many positive signs, increased in both value and volume. By the end of 2015, exports of cashew nuts of the country about 320,000 tons, exports reached US $ 2.4 billion. Cashew export prices also increased in 2015, reaching an average 7.080USD / ton. But at present, the domestic cashew production meets only a very small portion, less than 50%, the rest is imported.

    BR-VT previously been regarded as one of the "capital" of cashews, but now yields and quality are not met the demand for cashew processing enterprises in the province. According to Thao Nguyen Company Limited (Tan Thanh district), exports of cashew nuts are good market, products of the company made cashews are consumed there. However, the material of the domestic industry can not meet the production capacity.

    To maintain production, companies have to import raw materials from Africa. Or another business is Cao Phat Co. (Chau Duc district) also have to seek other sources of supply in countries such as Nigeria, Brazil ... According to Mr. Cao Thuc Uy, Director Cao Phat Co., Ltd., currently the source of 60% raw materials for the production of cashew nuts companies must import from African countries.

    Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas), said that Vietnam cashews were present in 50 markets. According to Nguyen Duc Thanh Vinacas chairman, the current cashew DNche have invested in modern machinery and technology to create products cashew nuts have more added value for export and domestic consumption. Expected products with high added value will increase by 20% the value of processed cashew nuts. Vinacas urged local businesses to add value to products to help Vietnam cashew nuts continue to be the largest exporter of cashew nuts in the world.

    According to industry development planning that 2020 and 2030 driven by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, 2020, the area under cultivation 300.000ha stable country, the average yield of 1.5 tons / ha, yield 400,000 tons of cashew nuts. The proportion of deep processing products reached 20% cashew processing cashew nut shell oil from reaching the rate of 50%, exports reached 2.5 billion USD.

    At BR-VT, planning of DARD 2020 was 7,000 ha area, yield 14.9 quintal / ha, yield 8630 tons.

    Source: BR-VT