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  • Australia:Rain allows for second almond harvest

    Apr 29th, 2015

    The almond harvest is winding up across South Australia and growers are happy with the prices their nuts are reaching.Some major operators are lifting the average price for almonds to $11 a kilo, with global supply down 7 per cent but consumption remaining strong.In the South Australian Riverland recent rains have allowed for a second shake of almond trees, meaning more nuts produced this season.Orchard manager Michael Ward said the prices were the highest he had seen in eight years in the industry.He said rain late in the harvest could be both a blessing and a curse."It's difficult with rainfall, wet nuts and all that. We've got about 10 per cent of our last variety on the ground, which is Carmel," he said."We are removing that into drying greens now and just trying to dry the almonds so we can bunker them, but with four millimetres of rain over the weekend it doesn't really help the situation."We can utilise the rain for some re-shaking. It allows us to go back in to the orchard and the almonds absorb a lot of the water and become heavier and then we are able to shake them down and pick them up again."If we didn't get that rain, we wouldn't be getting as many almonds off the trees."