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  • Australia set for record breaking almond crop in 2017

    Dec 9th, 2016

    The nations production is expected to reach 85,000 tons next year, and with thousands of new trees being planted the industry's peak body expects the record will not stand for long.The Almond Board of Australia said with the amount of new orchards coming in to production the national yield should be around 135,000 tons by 2025.CEO Ross Skinner said there should not be any difficulty in finding markets for the additional nuts produced over the next decade.

    "There will be an increase from last year's crop of approximately 5,000 tons and 3,000 tons more than the 2015 crop," he said."We are really in a position to expand all export markets, we don't really believe any of them have reached maturity and we are seeing growth in all of our export markets.

    "Plus their use in manufactured products."Around the world last year over 9,000 new products went on supermarket shelves using almonds as an ingredient, in Australia alone it was over 200 new products went on Australian supermarket shelves using almonds."There's certainly a growth happening in both the snacking an manufacturing areas right around the world."