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  • Association Congress that Binh Phuoc

    Jun 17th, 2016

    Attending were Mr. Nguyen Van Loi - Secretary of Party Committee, Huynh Anh Minh - Vice Chairman, Pham Van Cong - Deputy Chairman of Vietnam Cashew Association and representatives of departments, provincial departments .

    Reporting at the meeting said that in the term 2011 - 2015 through the Association of Binh Phuoc it has actively implemented measures to develop material zones and plans that support the business, processing establishments cashew nuts in the province. Binh Phuoc Hoi thing has cooperated with Vietnam Cashew Association, Provincial Farmers Association, Cultivation Station - plant protection construction of 41 districts implementing rehabilitation model orchard productivity, low quality of power orchard productivity, high quality; held 11 training and technology transfer for the orchard grafting renovated 1,100 cashew farmers; support the development of clean production model it with an area of 1,500 hectares. Besides, the model deployment testing fertilization increase productivity, quality, resistance to bugs, frost ... In addition, the Council has supported Article Binh Phuoc improve business production, quality assurance protection food safety for 19 companies and enterprises, which mainly supports application and transfer of science and technology; technological innovation to improve productivity and product quality, goods worth more than 14 billion.

    At the meeting, participants presented some discussion around the issue of rapid and sustainable development of this sector; solution of crude imported from abroad to support the processing and export activities of domestic enterprises; solutions to improve productivity, quality and contribute to the sustainable development of this sector quickly.

    Speaking at the congress, Mr. Huynh Anh Minh stressed: In the future requirements of the provincial functional departments to focus and coordinate the investigation and survey the situation in the province producing things such as presence area, yield, seed ... which shall advise on the recruitment solutions varieties, announced varieties suited to each sub-region climate and soil in the province, the same management solution. Besides, the provincial authorities should acknowledge individual processing industry should be subject to conditions, to comply strictly with the regulations on food safety and environmental protection.

    Mr. Minh said, the future will continue to support provincial enterprises technological innovation, applied automation, advanced technology into production. On the other hand, continued promulgation and implementation of corporate policies to support technological innovation, trade promotion, making enterprises with the most favorable conditions in the production, sales, exports as well as relations international to increase the number of provinces now have the ability to participate directly export products to world market conditions, given that the export turnover of the province to over 500 million dollars / year.

    For scientific research, to invest in research, ordering scientists, scientific research agency of products and new technologies for this sector, special attention to the deep-processing products cashew nuts, timber, fruits, cashew oil, as well as research on varieties, especially varieties to suit each province's climate subregion. In addition, support for enterprise investment promotion, looking for partners, market and promptly remove difficulties for enterprises in capital, administrative, commercial-level competition. Periodically festival which aims to promote this sector of Binh Phuoc.

    The Congress elected a board new key thing with 25 members, including 7 members of the Standing Committee, composed of one president and six vice president. Nguyen Thi Kim Nga by the General Assembly continue to trust elected Chairman of Binh Phuoc Article tenure from 2016 to 2021.

    On this occasion, Binh Phuoc Provincial People's Committee and the Vietnam Cashew Association has awarded the Certificate of Merit for the 2 groups and six individuals have been many achievements and contributions to the development of the industry in Binh Phuoc tenure 2011-2015.

    Also at the meeting, Secretary of Party Committee Nguyen Van Loi gave the commendation flag Binh Phuoc Hoi thing with the words "Unity construction Binh Phuoc cashew rapid and sustainable development". This is also the motto of the Binh Phuoc cashew industry is headed in the term 2016-2021.

    Source: Journal of Science & Age OL