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  • Applying a set of standards to improve the quality of raw cashew

    Jan 6th, 2020

    According to Pham Van Cong, Chairman of Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas), in 2019, the number of cashew exports has reached a record of 450,000 tons, with a value of over 3 billion USD.  However, to achieve the above figures, the cashew industry also had to import a record amount of raw cashew about 1.6 million tons, worth more than US $ 2 billion. Therefore, the quality of imported raw cashew nuts has been a very important factor determining the efficiency of production and business, product quality and reputation of every business as well as Vietnam's cashew industry in the market. world.

    Raw cashew nuts are currently being imported from many countries around the world. In recent years, a number of issues related to technical quality have arisen, such as: recovery level, moisture content, number of seeds / kg; quantity of seeds, worms ... or related to food hygiene and safety such as infestation, fungus ... Therefore, Vinacas has cooperated with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the Ministry of Science and Technology and other related industries to develop and issue a Vietnam Standard for raw cashew nuts (TCVN 12380-2018).

    This is an important set of standards in the inspection, evaluation and quality classification of imported raw cashew raw materials and dispute resolution, contributing to ensure the production and business efficiency of businesses and traders. of Vietnam cashew industry. On the last day of 2019, Vinacas sent a letter to cashew businesses (members and non-members), about the application of TCVN 12380-2018.

    Accordingly, Vinacas proposes leading enterprises and large enterprises to pioneer in this regard so that TCVN 12380-2018 can quickly take effect, contributing to improving the quality of imported raw cashew nuts. Vinacas member enterprises and cashew industry enterprises, when negotiating, signing and implementing raw cashew import contracts, should use TCVN 12380-2018 in terms of quality to bind parties to implement and serve as a legal basis for relevant agencies to resolve disputes and violations (if any). With deep dotted cashews, factories have had to deal with difficulties to become LP and SP types, exporting mainly to the Chinese market. But since 2019, China has barely imported this type.

    Therefore, Vinacas advises businesses when negotiating, signing contracts to buy raw cashews, trying not to include cashew nuts in the recall. In case of difficult negotiations, only a 10–15% recovery should be accepted to avoid a loss. Vinacas also advises businesses when negotiating and signing raw cashew contracts to try to reduce or reduce the deposit to reduce costs and reduce risks; It is best to use L / C payment method.

    In addition, due to the importance and urgency of ensuring the quality of imported raw cashew nuts, Vinacas has also sent a document, requesting the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development to consider, organize the development and promulgate in time the Regulation. country for raw cashew nuts. Vinacas will work closely with the Drafting Board and relevant agencies and organizations to issue and implement immediately in the 2020 crop.  According to Vinacas, this national technical regulation needs to meet two main issues: Regulations on norm levels and requirements related to quality, food safety and biosecurity; regulations on management to implement the Code.