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  • Anacarde: 31 TSA technicians trained at Farmer Business School

    Aug 15th, 2017

    In the framework of the implementation of the development policy for the cashew nut sector, on the initiative of the Cotton and Cashew Council, in collaboration with its technical and financial partners FIRCA, ANADER, PSAC, the GIZ / COMCASHEW / PROFIAB, will open from 9 to 19 August 2017 at the Jeune Viateur de Bouaké, a workshop aiming to train around thirty Specialty Specialists (TSA) at Farmer Business School (FBS) or "School of Agricultural Entrepreneurship" in Côte d'Ivoire, with a view to its popularization in the cashew nut sector.It will be during this Workshop to Train the TSA on the FBS tools, to give them a theoretical and practical training on the FBS approach - To reinforce the knowledge of trainers in andragogy and animation technique - Then To strengthen the capacities of the trainers Economics, farm management and communication with a view to understanding the BSF approach.

    The workshop will be punctuated by a first theoretical phase in the theater followed by a practical training session of the producers in the field. This theoretical phase will take place from 09 to 13 August 2017. It will be conducted through sessions characterized by a methodology of interactive training, exchanges, presentation, role plays and practical exercises. During the first week, the foundations in economics, operational management and adult training will be built / strengthened. Participants will learn about entrepreneurship training through simulations.

    It will then follow the field preparation phase on 14 August 2017. This phase will prepare the field with two groups of 25 producers for the success of the practical phase. Then the Workshop will end with the Practical Phase from 15 to 19 August 2017, in two villages with two (02) groups of 25 test producers. This phase will make it possible to translate the theory of FBS into practice with a view to developing skills, adapting the methodology and content of the training materials.

    Since 2010, the Sustainable Cocoa Development Project of the German Development Cooperation has developed the Agricultural Entrepreneurship School (FBS) approach, with a view to strengthening the competitiveness of cocoa producers in Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria and Ivory Coast. This approach and method have also been adapted to the cotton production systems in Côte d'Ivoire under the partnership between the GIZ / Sustainable Cocoa Business (SCB) and the Competitive African Cotton Initiative (COMPACI). Thus, various adaptations have been made in different countries with specific cases taken into consideration to meet local requirements.The FBS has thus become an important step in the system of support to producers to enable them to become better entrepreneurs and to take advantage of the technologies and market opportunities to increase and manage their incomes.

    Like the coffee-cocoa and cotton sectors in Côte d'Ivoire, the cashew sector wants to take ownership of this approach. To this end, the Cotton and Anacarde Council and its partners COMPACI and ComCashew organized, on 11 and 12 May 2016, in Bouaké, for the attention of the main stakeholders and partners in the cotton and cashew nut sectors, Exchanges on the appropriation of the FBS by these channels. At the end of the workshop, among other actions, the introduction of the FBS approach in the cashew sector in Côte d'Ivoire was adopted, following a roadmap adopted by all the participants.