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  • An awareness mission on improving the quality of cashew nuts in Bondoukou

    Aug 14th, 2018

    Bondoukou - The Coton du Casarde Council, on Monday, made a mission to Bondoukou (North-East, Gontougo region) to raise the awareness of cashew industry stakeholders on the preservation and improvement of quality and quantity. cashew nuts.

    This mission, in collaboration with the National Agency for Rural Development Support (ANADER), aims to provide producers of Bondoukou, all the basics related to the production, conservation and sale of cashew which remains the flagship product of the region.

    The trainer, Traoré Bassoumory, national coordinator for the cashew, cotton, mango and forestry sectors, indicated that the purpose of this training is to bring the farmer to produce in quantity and quality by increasing the yields per hectare.

    "To achieve this result, Anader has placed in the villages a trained agricultural adviser who works by giving new ways to grow cashew," he said, in the presence of the administrative authorities.

    The Gontougo region recorded in 2014 a production of 136,000 tons of cashews, making it the largest cashew producer in Côte d 'Ivoire. However, this production fell to 103,000 tons in 2015 and 85,000 tons in 2016, before reaching a low production in 2017, with only 71,000 tons, relegating the region to the rank of third national producer.