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  • Africa - The difficult problem of the industry in Vietnam

    Dec 6th, 2016

    Vietnam now accounts for 50% of world market conditions, but it is dependent on huge imports of raw cashew nuts from Africa, because this area is not actively processed cashews. However, once these countries to master the technology in the future, the market share of Vietnam's cashew-risk threat.

    The shine of the industry

    According to data from the General Administration of Customs, May 10, 2016, Vietnam exported cashew nuts reached 2.337 billion US dollars, up 16.9% continued over the same period last year. In particular, the US is the largest market accounting for one third, reaching 795 million. Nut commodities are agricultural commodities are rising strongly in recent years, and the exports sector has the 2nd largest after just coffee.Exports increased, imports also increased more cashews. General Administration of Customs said that after 10 months, Vietnam cashew import 1,378 billion, up 36.8% over the same period last year.

    In particular, the value of imports from African countries are continuously increasing, up 54% Ivory Coast, Nigeria increased by 69%, Ghana 26% and increased to 124% Guinea. The total value of imports four countries accounted for 71% of imports last 10 months.

    For years, African cashews are playing an increasingly important role for the branch of Vietnam. Since 1996, together with the restrictions on exports of raw cashew nuts to foreign countries, Vietnam has begun to import of raw materials from the market to offset the shortage of domestic raw cashew nuts in service sector growth cashew processing industry in Vietnam.

    The African countries export large quantities of raw cashew nuts is limited by the processing capacity of cashew nuts. However, in the future, if these countries are homemade cashew nut supply to Vietnam could be affected.

    Technology was the African country "snooping"A few decades ago, only Ivorian cashew to combat erosion and desertification, but now the economic efficiency from cashew clearly shows. African countries in general and in particular the Ivory Coast have big ambitions homemade cashew nuts to be carried away for export, not just exporting raw cashew nuts.The location is the main raw material of the world, as can a cashew processing, regional countries will produce, homemade, self-export, economic efficiency certainly is improve.

    However, the difficulty of the African cashew processing technology in the world is very expensive, while the efficiency is not high, a large proportion of broken grains. The African countries have come to Vietnam, the country's largest exporter thing in the world, and found that cashew processing technology of Vietnam is perfect. Low grain breakage ratio, the proportion of low oil-contaminated grain, and most importantly cost only 1/20 as compared with the water lines in the world.

    To own cashew processing technology, Ivory Coast has set up offices in the City with the task of searching for and buying technology partners. But the ambitions of the Ivory Coast faced opposition decided whether Vietnam Cashew Association (Vinacas). Cashew Association has repeatedly spoken out against the sale of technology and want government protection move by not processing technology exports to African countries.

    From your position row, the African countries are emerging as formidable opponents of branch of Vietnam and these countries certainly will not stop until the technology ownership they desire. At the International Conference of things by Vinacas held in Da Nang past, representatives of the country once again reaffirmed the desire to develop learning experiences of Vietnam's cashew sector to take apply to Africa.

    Location "bosses" of the world's cashews Vietnam in the future might be threatened. Vietnam currently account for 50% of global market conditions. The risk of competition from countries in Africa, a leader Vinacas said that Vietnam needs to quickly change business strategies to fit with the new trend, to Africa remains the partner rather than a rival .

    minh Quan

    Source: Knowledge Young