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    Sep 18th, 2017

    The development of African states remains a challenge for which the most appropriate strategies continue to be the subject of research. Success models then constitute experiences to be shared and which give the continent a real interest. On the strength of this ambition, the State of Cote d'Ivoire has set up the National Agency for Rural Development Support (ANADER) to ensure the development of rural countries, which will impact on national development. Thus, for about a decade, ANADER has been committed to implementing the Saemaul Undong (SMU), a UNESCO heritage movement in Côte d'Ivoire, which has enabled the Republic of Korea to count among the most developed nations in the world. As part of the increased experience in this country, the African Development Bank (AfDB), through a Korea Africa Economic Cooperation Fund (KOAFEC), has supported the implementation of several projects in two (02) pilot villages of the Autonomous District of YAMOUSSOUKRO (ZATTA and N'GBEKRO), with the technical support of ANADER. It is to share the success of this project that a seminar was organized under the leadership of the ADB, in partnership with ANADER on Wednesday, September 13, 2017 in the auditorium of the ADB.

    Jennifer BLANKE, Vice-President for Agriculture, Human and Social Development of the AfDB, expressed her gratitude to all the actors who had worked for the success of this project initiated in Zatta and N'gbekro. It assured the presence of the AfDB alongside Côte d'Ivoire to accompany it, through several projects including that of the agropoles planned in the regions of Belier and Poro. She recalled that this seminar should also be able to foresee the strategies by which the EMS could contribute to the development of the rural world through the activities of these agropoles.

    This seminar was also furnished with communications and panels. To this end, Mr. MPOKO Bokanga from the Department of Agricultural Finance and Rural Development, on the theme "AfDB Approach to Agricultural Development", presented the challenges facing our continent in the years to come. It is noted that by the end of this century, the African population will grow from 1 to 4 billion people, 60% of whom will be 25 years old. Thus, to address the problems of unemployment and food security, the ADB, through its 5 pillars intends to rely on these agropoles to achieve its objectives.

    To achieve this, the success of the EMS experiment in Côte d'Ivoire makes this strategy an effective tool for development in Côte d'Ivoire. This was demonstrated through the presentation of Dr Miaman Koné, Director of Studies and Consultancy at ANADER. To this end, it advocates as a condition of success, among others, a strong State commitment that should integrate the EMS into all its intervention strategies, ANADER's capacity to ensure that it can effectively mission to the rural populations, an unwavering commitment of the latter, and especially their consideration in the stages of implementation of the projects for them. It will also highlight the need to take into account the leadership of women and young people.

    A panel discussion on "the link between the SMU villages and the ADB agropolis" enabled the panelists to present their vision for a successful implementation of this project. Dr Sidiki Cissé, Director General of ANADER, will highlight in his speech the need to involve the local populations, but above all to create the conditions for an accompaniment that enable them to carry out their activities in a dynamic of change of mentality in adopting healthy and positive behaviors. He assured the availability of ANADER to accompany all the potential and real partners in their projects in favor of the rural world with the EMS. That is why, he said, the Agency has already developed a strategy for the implementation of EMS.

    This session was followed by a B TO B session during which the Agency presented to the AfDB the offers of services that can strengthen its action in the rural environment. It is with good prospects that this seminar has ended, definitely auguring a framework of collaboration between the institution and ANADER.The seminar was attended by a delegation of the Saemeul Undong Cote d'Ivoire Foundation, represented by its president Lee Jhi-Ha and the chiefs of the villages of N'gbekro and Zatta accompanied by some beneficiaries. Finally, the AfDB's current policy for the development of Africa is divided into five pillars: illuminating and providing energy, nurturing, industrializing, integrating and finally improving the quality of life of Africa