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  • ACA Supports Cashew Sector Organization in Burkina Faso

    Aug 22nd, 2019

    From 20-21 August the Cashew Interprofessional Committee of Burkina Faso (CIAB) organized a stakeholder consultation work session in a bid to discuss the latest decrees issued by the Burkinabe government. The decrees focus on the institution of a tax levy on the exports and re-exports of raw cashew nuts and the establishment of the Burkinabe Council for Cashew (CBA).

    ACA’s sector organization consultant Jean Rostand Kamga Jaidiais participated in this consultation workshop to bring an in-depth analysis on the decrees as well as develop a structured roadmap for efficient public-private sector dialogue.

    ACA looks forward to working with more national stakeholders across Africa to ensure that stakeholder interests are thoroughly considered and as a result a harmonious and sustainable development of the cashew sector can be guaranteed.