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  • ACA Attends INC Conference in the United States

    Jun 9th, 2016

    Last week ACA Managing Director Dr. Oyewole Babafemi, MIS/Partnership Manager Olivier Kabre, and Chief Financial Officer Akwasi Adom-Dankwa attended the International Nut Congress (INC) in San Diego, California, United States.

    Over a period of three days with a total of 1,400 participants, INC brought together major American peanut and tree nut processors along with stakeholders based in Europe and Asia. As a longstanding member of this important and active business association, ACA was invited to attend the convention as a key partner.

    During this event, ACA participated at the Global Cashew Council (GCC) and Global Inter-Board Cooperation Summit as a member. Some pertinent issues discussed included: research outcomes of cashew consumption on biochemical and physiological biomarkers of cardiovascular disease; agricultural quality standards and food safety; and other emerging issues involved in the cashew trade. The Alliance team seized the opportunity to promote ACA activities in the creation of cashew consumption awareness in Africa. The team further demonstrated the enormous potential of the African cashew sector, while highlighting the benefits that foreign companies, especially roaster and global traders, can gain form supporting the industry.

    On the 29th of May, a team of three ACA Secretariat staff, led by the Managing Director Dr. Oyewole Babafemi, met with international partners during the INC convention. The meetings were aimed at soliciting views on the Alliance’s proposed areas for implementation, particularly within its five-year strategy. During the convention, the ACA team met with its international partners such as Kraft, Red River Food, SLD Commodities, Richard Franco Agency and many others. The partners greatly contributed to the discussion and also promised to participate at the upcoming conference.

    The Alliance also took this opportunity to promote the upcoming 2016 ACA World Cashew Festival & Expo 2016 in Bissau, Guinea Bissau and many of the attendees expressed great interest in participating. However, they also articulated some concerns and recommendations, including the host country selection for the conference and the availability of international flight connections.