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  • 7th edition of the Annual Cashew Days: 100,000 tonnes produced during the 2019/2020 campaign

    Mar 13th, 2020

    Kita hosted, from 10 to 12 March the 7 th edition of the annual Days of Cashew. The official launching ceremony of these days took place this Wednesday, March 11, at the Catholic Mission of Kita, under the chairmanship of Lassine Dembélé, Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture. "The industry cashews the future for the empowerment of women and young people." This is the theme of the 7 th edition of the annual Days of Cashew. An event organized by the Cashew Sector Support Project in Mali (PAFAM). A 48-month project co-financed, to the tune of CFAF 9.183 billion, by the European Union Emergency Trust Fund and by the Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation - AECID. According to Javier San Roman, PAFAM International Coordinator, his project intervenes: first at the grassroots level with the communities to "increase economic opportunities and rural employment thanks to the cashew sector"; then with political decision-makers to strengthen the governance of the cashew sector.

    Cashew is a promising agricultural sector. Mali, says Lassine Dembélé, Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture, has enormous potential through large production areas in the Sikasso, Kayes and Koulikoro regions. "Based on the 2019 - 2020 crop year, the production of cashew in Mali is estimated at 100,000 tonnes," said Lassine Dembélé. In his word of framing of the activities, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Agriculture recalled the main objective of the Annual Days of the Cashew, namely: to put in contact the various actors of the sector with a view to consolidating the value chain and above all the links in processing and marketing.

    300 F CFA / Kg…

    During the annual cashew nuts days, the participants, around 300, took part in panels and discussions on several themes, in particular: "The challenges of State intervention in the development of the sector: role, constraints and challenges ”; "The problems of financing the sector: financing needs, conditions of access to agricultural credit"; “The added value generated by the cashew sector in favor of women and young people”;…. Seizing the platform that was offered to him, the president of the Interprofession of the Cashew Sector in Mali (IPROFAM), Dr Ibrahim Togola, formalized, the price per kilo of cashew nuts set this year at 300 F CFA .