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  • 70 farmers were trained in postharvest cashew orchard technical training

    Apr 27th, 2017

    On the afternoon of April 24, the Agriculture and Extension Station of Phu Rieng district coordinated with the Farmers' Association of Long Tan commune and agricultural extension staff to organize a training course on postharvest orchard technical training.Participated in the training course were 70 cashew farmers from villages in the commune. Here, Thai Thanh Hung engineers have exchanged with cashew farmers for the care of post cash crops such as: weeding, intercropping, canopy and pruning, watering, fertilizer for cashew, Chief, foliar fertilizer. Especially the prevention of insect pests such as mosquito bugs, long beetles (borer beetles), stem borer, chisel (hair trimming) and anthracnose.

    Due to the impact of weather and pests, more than 80% of cashew area in Phu Rieng district was seriously damaged. On average, 1 hectare yields only 900kg, in which anthracnose and mosquito bugs are one of the main causes. For the next crop to improve productivity, post-harvest care is very important.Participating in the training session, cashew growers not only listened to technical dissemination techniques but also exchanged practical experiences and practices on or care for pests and diseases.

    Source: Binh Phuoc Newspaper