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  • 5 varieties excel: Assert cashew position Binh Phuoc

    Jun 23rd, 2016

    Currently, Binh Phuoc cashews have penetrated the most difficult markets. Particularly for the US market with a share of imports that Vietnam is about 50% in the first 5 months of 2016. Recently, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) has selected and recognized the 5 varieties excel to replicate province. This is an important step, gradually asserted its position towards cashew and No. 1 brand of cashew nuts in Binh Phuoc.


    Although the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development recognized the same thing PN1, MH4 / 5, MH5 / 4 and the selective breeding potential of the province was recognized in 2000 (including PL18, DP41, DDP27, BDD44) with the ability to cotton, highly concentrated harvest, harvest time is short, but not enough for the farmers long-term commitment to the cashew. So, finding out what the appropriate line to Binh Phuoc soil, to cope with erratic weather, extreme as today's pressing issues. This is also a long-term strategy to create the abundant local raw materials, meet for 280 processing enterprises, producing conditions in the province.

    "Plants that are sensitive to the weather. In addition to good care, the good seed is also a key factor. The selection of the elite varieties, reaching the targets in terms of quality and output is difficult. Varieties have been selected from trees 10 years and older, with high yield, stability in three consecutive years (over 50 kg / tree / year); The average weight of 170 dry seeds / kg; uniformity of shape, particle size was over 70%; rate reached 28-34% human and flowering more episodes / seasons. Healthy plant growth and development are spreading, low thickness, canopy formation and less pest raspberries; resistant to adverse weather ... "- Mr. Tran Minh Duc, director of the Centre Like agriculture, forestry (DARD) said.

    In fact, DARD has selected varieties from 2013 to present. On the basis of investigation and monitoring of indicators of morphological and productivity combined field of molecular biology applications in breeding has identified 12 individuals to select and elite breeding.

    The selected 5 lines of the province that the current period laid a solid foundation for the brand's No. 1 thing Binh Phuoc. To develop this outstanding varieties, agriculture is implementing synchronization solutions: management, exploitation and construction of garden bullets were selected from districts to propagate. 2016, Center Like agriculture, forestry quick coupling from the mother plant to supply about 10,000 cashew varieties for Bu Gia Map District. Center construction project also varieties that serve the regional development program of high quality articles in the future; building renovation project to establish cashew cultivation areas under standards in the district VietGAP BGM, as the basis for replication across the province ...


    The agriculture sector will continue to select, create new varieties of each region, develop varieties that have been recognized for good results at the district and commune. Guide cashew growers apply technical process; loans with interest rate support to help farmers care, investment in equipment-intensive service industry ... to processing. The sectoral policy development and specific resources cashew; focus on supporting the new breed, transfer of science - technology and the development of links in the production chain - consume. At the same time build demonstration models of care, fertilizing, pest control ... farmers learning; enhance the development of intercropping model is effective in the orchard, like intercropping cocoa, ginger, medicine ... to improve the efficiency per unit of production.

    "Development of this sector towards concentration, robust migration from cultivation and processing of scattered, small-scale to commercial production towards industrialization, production planning focus areas. Ensuring coherent and synchronized from production - procurement - processing - storage - consumption. Focus encourages enterprises to invest, engage with the material to create sustainable linkages. Investing in infrastructure for a number of key areas which, rapid application of technical advances in breeding, cultivation techniques to improve productivity and quality, reduce product costs and ensure safety serve food for domestic consumption and export. Collaborating with professional bodies built for geographical indications Binh Phuoc thing ... That's the goal we have to do to restructuring associated with building a new countryside in the direction of producing goods "- Mr. Tran Van Loc, director of DARD, confirmed.

    Source: Binh Phuoc