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  • 30,000 t of cashew in Senegal would not find buyers

    May 11th, 2020

    Faced with the absence of buyers due to the coronavirus, 30,000 tonnes (t) of cashew nuts may not find buyers in Senegal, which would represent a shortfall of around FCFA 50 billion (€ 76, 1 million) for producers in the three Casamance producing regions of Kolda, Sédhiou and Ziguinchor, says agricultural engineer Abdourahmane Faye. This prospect adds to the memory of a bad last year, with prices plummeting due to global overproduction, reports APS . This year, the usual Indian and Mauritanian buyers will not be meeting in these production areas because the virus prevents movement, specifies the agricultural engineer in charge of training and employment at the Prospective Agricultural and Rural Initiative (IPAR), These difficulties in the sector will be felt in the activities of the port of Ziguinchor, which experienced an increase in activity each year during the cashew season. In addition, producers are generally denied access to weekly rural markets due to the pandemic. " In more than 80% of cases, farm households deplete their food stocks six months after harvest and depend or the rest of the year on these markets to buy food, " said the expert.