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    Nov 18th, 2019

    Hon. Omary Mgumba (Mb), Deputy Minister of Agriculture, addressing the stakeholder general conference of the COSA in the country held in Mtwara Region Deputy Minister Hon. Omary Mgumba said this at the stakeholder general meeting of the Cashews Industry The new Crossover sales season for 2019/20 has been officially opened by Hon. Omary Mgumba (Mb), Deputy Minister of Agriculture at the stakeholder general meeting of the Korosho industry held on Monday, October 7, at the Central Bank of Tanzania meeting hall in Mtwara At the general meeting of stakeholders of the Cholera industry in Tanzania Hon. Mgumba has announced that the Government will pay TShs. 59 billion before November 2019 Speaking on Monday, October 7, 2019, at the opening of the cashew stake stakeholder meeting in Mtwara, he said that during the season they collected 222,000 tonnes worth more than Sh722 billion and now some farmers are demanding the government Sh 59 billion. "To date we have paid more than 663 billion. There are still farmers demanding more than Sh59 billion and we know there are more than Sh24 billion of service providers demanding. I assure all stakeholders who claim the Government by October 30, 2019 will have been paid, ”said Mgumba Mgumba said in the 2017/18 season, that amounted to Sh1.3 trillion, which is more money than coffee, cotton and minerals. He has also clarified the information being circulated that the Government will buy again cashew nuts in 2019/20 and say that it has no intention and if the board of cereals and mixed crops buys it it will buy like all other buyers. He said in the 2019/20 season they expect to produce more than 290,000 tonnes and that all preparations are completed