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  • € 50 million for the Conakry-Bissau road corridor for the benefit of cashew

    Oct 15th, 2018

    The first phase of the Boké-Québo road development project, on the Conakry-Bissau corridor, is receiving € 50 million in funding from the African Development Bank (AfDB). The total cost of the project is estimated at € 117.19 million with a first phase of around € 79.94 million; the Bank has already mobilized € 30 million from the European Union.

    " This Boké-Québo road is very important for both countries, and is part of the trans-African road corridor N ° 7 Dakar-Lagos, " said Deputy Director General for West Africa Bad, Serge-Marie N'Guessan.

    The project area is landlocked but full of agricultural and mining potential. It will consist of the development and asphalting of 107 km of road including 86 km in Guinea and 21 km in Guinea Bissau, and will also allow the construction of two bridges in Guinea of ​​a total linear of 364 ml (Tinguilinta and Cogon) and the recovery of defects on five bridges in Guinea-Bissau. It is also planned to carry out in both countries socio-economic and market infrastructures, trails, boreholes and support groups of women and young people, especially for the valorization of cashew.

    According to calculations, this route would increase trade between the two countries, which could increase from 60.46 tonnes (t) in 2017 to 2000 t in 2025; reduce travel time; create direct jobs during the three years of construction and increase household incomes by 15%.