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""The demand for traceable and sustainable food supply chains is growing. Sustainable supply chain improvements can be achieved when parties collaborate. It is to make sure that the industry is practicing ethical trading standards through sustainable sourcing of the product.""

""Global Cashew Council was formed under INC umbrella mainly to promote health research specifically on cashews. For the first time, INC has commissioned the study on cashew consumption is good for heart health and the study has been completed and soon it will publish that consuming cashew is good for heart.""

""There is a misconception in India and across the world that the nut consumption is supposed to aid in weight increase, but the study by Madras Diabetic Research Foundation in type-2 diabetes patient, found that consuming cashew nuts for a periods of three months with 30 grams per day did not increase the body weight and waist circumference.""

""The cashew is the only nut where broken are cheaper than the wholes, in all other nuts like Almonds, Brazil nuts, the broken are higher because there is a process involved in making the broken but in cashews, the splits and pieces are the only a by-products, so it is cheaper.""

""This year we are facing problem as the RCN price is at a record high and the kernel buyer is not keen on committing big volumes. Secondly, banks in Vietnam are not willing to finance cashew processing companies to buy RCN at this very high price.""

""As we have the gentlest way of processing and pasteurizing the cashews, we feel that our technology will find place in cashew industry, as we already have enough preference of our product across the world.""

""The state of Gujarat is one of the largest consumers of cashew kernels and has been emerging as a raw cashew nut processing hub. Due to its proximity to North Indian markets, we can easily understand the demand/behavior of those markets.""

""We are keen in expanding our foot print in African countries as lot of cashew processing is going to happen in Africa in the coming years.""

""The size of funding for cashew even though is small, but in the last four years it has improved from less than two percent to more than 10 percent today.""

""Automation for any kind of industry should be viewed as important and beneficial. But if you are doing automation from the traditional processes, then we cannot compromise on the quality.""

""TMPL want to develop equipment for replacing the borma for testa peeling (as we know that quick heating leads to loss of nutrients) and you can do it faster, we want to incorporate this new technology in the cashew industry.""

""WCCE is a good platform to work in and this is the third time I am participating and looking forward to participate in the future events also.""

""We are a shipping company started during 1962 and moved on to the logistics in all kind of shipping activities. Mr Prakash is the Chairman and founder of the company." "