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Cashew Week, is the only one of its kind newsletter, exclusively designed to give you information on Cashew markets in India and abroad updated on a weekly basis.

Cashew Week provides a rich and exhaustive info as follows:

  • Market reports from different cashew growing regions from India (like Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Kerala and Tamil Nadu), West Africa and VietNam.

  • A special coverage on different aspects covering cashew crop and trade.

  • Updates on currency movements along with an outlook on Rupee movement against the US Dollar.

  • FOB prices for different grades of cashews exported from India along with an outlook on prices.

  • Data on RCN prices and grade wise prices of cashew kernels at different primary markets and secondary markets in India and abroad.

  • Details on the latest happening in the cashew industry with news coverage/expert views/articles on matters that would be of concern for the cashew industry.

  • A glimpse in the major upcoming Trade Events.

  • Guidelines for exporters.

The subscribers to Cashew Week, will also get daily updates on prices, views, news and articles. The subscribers are also entitled to post buy/sell enquiries for FREE on Trade Enquiry Section.

The subscribers are also open to asking specific market related queries to our analysts.

Special issues of Cashew Week are released on select occasions & events and are not a regular feature, considering that Cashew Week is a digital product. These specially printed issues greatly help our readers which has vast coverage ranging from interviews, articles, research papers, market reviews, news and statistics.

Some of the printed issues of cashew week are listed with facility to download the full issue.

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