Vietnam Cashews - General Specifications

General Specifications

According to VietNam's cashew quality specifications, kernels can be either scorched or unscorched, wholes or piece according to grade specification. However, the kernels should be:

  • Free from cashew nut shell liquid

  • Completely free from living insects, moulds, rodent contamination and insects damage (visible to the naked eye or visible through magnification in necessary cases).

  • Having natural smell, and should be free from rancid smell or any other unfavoured smell.

  • Having moisture content not greater than 5% (calculated on the basis of mass).

  • Having 5% lower grade mixed in packing grade of cashew kernels.

Viet Nam cashew industry also specifies that cashew kernels should be preserved in dry clean place, far from heat resource, foreign smell, insects and rodents. Transportation should be done in dry, clean, close facilities, free from foreign smell. The kernels should be handled carefully and gently, avoiding strong striking during loading and unloading to limit breaking of cashew kernels and damage of packages.