In line with our strategy to significantly increase the competitiveness of African cashew smallholders, processors and other actors in the cashew value chain to achieve a lasting reduction of poverty in project countries like Benin, Burkina Faso, Cote d'Ivoire, Ghana; PAJSON Trading DMMC has instituted a policy thrust which would integrate andincrease farmers' direct income, improve cashew-processing capacity in Africa, develop sustainable supply chain linkages and support a better organisation and coordination of the cashew sector. This policy will also strengthen initiatives in the cashew sector and respond to questions regarding investment and processing. This was disclosed by the chairman of the Group Mr.Pulkit Jain, where he noted that Pajson Trading will share the invaluable experience and knowledge it has accumulated in the production and processing of cashew nuts and its by-products with industry, notably processors and potential investors in the cashew-processing sector in Africa.

As part of the effort to boost local cashew production as well as streamline its export processes. The company hasestablished points of presence in supplier countries like, Tanzania, Benin, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Lagos Nigeria. Pajsons' procurement centres in these originating countries buy produce directly from farmers while the company'sesteemed and reliable quality assurance team always ensure the procurement of the best quality products

Our products [Raw Cashew Nuts] are usually properly dried in order to remove excess moisture. The procedure is to sun-dry them for 2 to 3 days. And are rolled over on a regular basis to ensure both sides dry properly. The dried cashew nuts are thereafter collected and packed in sea worthy jute bags for long storage in our ware houses in Lagos and Kogi State, Nigeria. And,Senegal and Benin on the West African coast.

Latest Global industry estimates show thatPAJSON TRADING DMCC handles a good volume of the global raw cashew trade. The company is also renowned for consistently high quality cashews and smooth distribution through the Group's reliable and far-reaching supply chain. The Company exports on average an approximate of 12000 tons of raw cashew nuts per year to its clients, associates and processors in India and Vietnam.

Our buyer's rating and reviews is an attestation to how detailed we are at being extremely supportive of our partners throughout the procurement to storage to distribution and finally supply stages. We are very proud of our partners in Africa who provide us with high quality raw cashew nuts. Our qualitynotwithstanding, we are the only company that provides testing services and facilities where the buyer can show up at our warehouse and test the products there and then before signing a purchase contract.


Our onsite quality testing opportunity is an innovation embedded in our sales process and proprietary to Pajson. This innovation gives total assurance to the buyer regarding the quality of products purchased and at the same time it gives the company an opportunity to show its ability to provide excellent quality products in bulk quantities.

Our ancillary services include the provision of shipping to all the major ports in India and Benin, we work on different payment conditions as per requirement, mainly DP and LC. We provide our clients landing quality and quantity certificate from Reputed Quality Surveyors as per buying country standards.

We use reputed Shipping lines and also make sure all containers are food grade by the help of reputed Containers surveyors. We follow our mutual contracts as our code of conduct and will never break the contract even there is a fluctuation in the market, we fulfil every term mutually agreed by us and the buyer.


Specifications of some of our high quality cashew nut varieties include

Origin Ogbomosho Nigeria
Nut Count 190-195 per kg
Outturn 47-49 lbs/80 kg
Season Feb-June
Origin Benin
Nut Count 185-190 per kg
Outturn 48 lbs/80 kg
Season May-August
Origin Tanzania
Nut Count 195-200 per kg
Outturn 50-52 lbs/80 kg
Season October-April


We are PAJSON TRADING DMCC. Our diversified businesses cut across different geographical boundaries including Asia, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America and Europe through various associates and subsidiaries covering trading in soft commodities mainly rice, sugar, and various types of nuts and spices, manufacturing iron bars and aluminium profile. A Rice mill and most recently a 7500hecter rice farm.

Our brands command respect and loyalty from our customers in more than 14 countries where we create value which is not only limited to our shareholders but also encompasses all stakeholders associated with us including employees, contractors, clients, suppliers and all the communities in which we have a footprint.


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