OLTREMARE is an Italian company specialized in the design and manufacture of turnkey plants and machinery for the cashew nut processing industry. It is dated 1960 when OLTREMARE established the first mechanical cashew nut processing plant ever, in Italy, which has run itself for 25 years. A few years later, in 1964, it has established in Tanzania what has been for almost 3 decades the biggest mechanized cashew nut processing plant in the world: TANITA Company Ltd with an overall capacity of 12.000 tons per year. These activities brought OLTREMARE to deeply understand the dynamics and the insight of the cashew nut processing hence to transfer this Know How into the design and engineering of the numerous solutions it has introduced in the industry.

Since then, as of today, OLTREMARE has realized almost 150 industrial projects in the cashew nut industry, selling thousands of single machines for the various processing operations in each cashew processing country including INDIA, VIETNAM, INDONESIA, BRASIL, TANZANIA, MOZAMBIQUE, KENYA, IVORY COAST, and NIGERIA.

Many are the original processing solutions introduced and then developed by OLTREMARE, just to mention a few and most important: the RCN Calibration concept prior to shelling, the Continuous Oil Bath Roasting and Centrifuge, the Continuous Steam Roasting, the Semi Automatic first and then the Automatic Shelling, the Pneumatic Shell/Kernel Separation, the Continuous Drying and Re-Humidification, the Low Energy Impact Static Dryer with continuous air re-circulation for small and medium capacities (NEW!) the Mechanical Peeling with the combined action of mechanical and compressed air systems, the Split/Pieces Automatic Separation, the Automatic Grading of the Kernels, the Flexi Pouches Vacuum Packing (dating back in 1986). This kind of systems answered and resolved many genuine problems of the cashew processor reducing overall production costs by means of a higher productivity of the labor employed better efficiency and gave the boost to the increases of capacity in many existing and new plants. Various section and plant automation systems have been added recently to make it easier for customer to control and manage production, maintenance and control In a word to maximize the Value Addition.

Today OLTREMARE has brought the cashew processing into the next generation of solutions that, through a 360 degree integrated approach, allows to combine previously separated processing operations, further increasing efficiency, reducing space requirement, increasing productivity of labor, reducing power consumption, reducing the environmental impact, increasing finished product sanitation levels. Such an approach includes the value addition for all the byproducts of the RCN such as the CNSL up to Cardanol and its derivatives, as the shell's cake up to the production of electric and thermal power.

OLTREMARE Services to customers include the design and engineering of all the plant needs such as space requirement (for factory and warehouse), machinery and equipment requirement, the utilities requirement, the ancillary equipment requirement, the labor requirements, the power consumption, following with the assembling and commissioning of the machinery supplied, the technical training of the customer personnel, the maintenance and after sales service (even from remote).


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