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  • Boundiali / Commercialization of cashew nut 2018-2019: the quest for quality is in full swing, cashew sorters and dryers are recruited

    Apr 10th, 2019

    The 2018-2019 cashew marketing campaign is in full swing in towns and villages in the Bagoue region, one of the major producing areas in northern Côte d'Ivoire. World's leading producer of raw cashew nuts, white gold with nearly 800,000 tons. For this marketing campaign, a new activity that generates paid jobs has entered the industry. These are the raw cashew sorters and dryers specially recruited by the buyers to sort and dry the product purchased with the farmers. Indeed "the role of these ladies is to carefully sort and dry the product before bagging in bags required (jousting) and boarding the port of Abidjan. After control and validation of the Cotton and Cashew Council experts and those of ANADER. These experts must certify that the product transported is of quality and has met the conditions required for the export through the stores of the autonomous port of Abidjan "explained on 09 April 2019 in Boundiali, Kouma Abdoul Latif, one of the great buyers of cashew nuts in the Bagoué region, Bereh (Mankono, Dianra ...) and Worodougou (Séguéla ...) in the north and northwest of Côte d'Ivoire. "The recruitment of cashew sorting machines and dryers is an activity that made its entry during this marketing campaign because of the difficulties encountered and the losses of money generated last season (2017-2018) for humidity levels after the exporters and processors test. Thus trucks loaded with cashew nuts were turned back and returned to their departure cities, "said Kouma Latif Abdoul.

    At the entrance to the town of Boundiali bags of cashew nuts are stored here and there in already dried and sorted stores ready to be transported in trailer trucks to cover more than 700 kilometers and be unloaded at the autonomous port of Abidjan. On the other side of the shops, women are preoccupied with the sorting of bad nuts while other women affected by drying stir and turn many times tons of raw nuts spread on tarpaulins of fortune. Fatoumata Songui Traoré, Sogona Coulibaly, Ténédia Koné, Nadège Affouet and Marie Laure Gueu are cashew sorting and drying machines that enjoy their new activities. "With this money we receive each end of the day we manage to take care of our children. We want our bosses to use us during every marketing campaign. "

    For Kouma Abdoul Latif "I decided for this 2019 campaign to pay women to properly sort and dry well. This responsibility falls on the cajouculteurs who do not respect it. I encourage my fellow buyers to do the same as me because we are still the losers in the value chain. When the cashew is already bought with the peasants and driven back by the exporters and processors, we find ourselves with the merchandise on the hand and no alternative is offered to sell it elsewhere. Then it is imperative for us to achieve the maximum tonnages before the arrival of the first rains in the second half of May next month. "

    In order to support stakeholders in the sector, the Ivorian government has revised down the rate of the Single Duty Exit (DUS) of the exploitation of the cashew nut, passed from 10% to 7% of the value Cost Insurance Freight (CAF) due to the fall of the price of the kilogram of the product to the international a indicated the communiqué of the Council of Ministers of 03 April 2019. This governmental decision is found salutary salutary and has brought a balm to the heart of the actors of the sector said one.

    The local transformation of the nut and the cashew pump remain a ardent desire of the actors of the sector, the administrative and political authorities of Boundiali They made a plea to the Ivorian state so that industrial units could be born in Boundiali and in the area. , prefect of the department of Boundiali Gonbagui Gueu Georges and Fondio Siaka deputy mayor of the municipality of Boundiali expressed their satisfaction with the smooth running of the 2018-2019 marketing campaign of the cashew while urging the actors to the application of the prices purchase of gray gold set by the Ivorian government.