Who we are?

nanoPix Integrated Software Solutions is an image and video processing product company focusing on applications for Indian market. With its patented imageIn technology, nanoPix delivers cutting-edge and rugged solutions that span diverse areas of applications and help cut costs significantly.

What drives us?

A culture of innovation and passion drives us to serve our customers. This has helped us to create solutions for the evolving Indian industry. Our products are a testimony to the innovation that pans out in every single action of ours. With satisfied customers across India, we are confident of becoming the numero-uno video and image processing application development organization. With demand for our cashew grading machines rising from other parts of the world, nanoPix has proved that our products meet the global standard in performance. Our nanoSorter range of machines is based on the powerful and patented imageIn Technology. You can sort cashews by color, size and type in a Single Pass. It helps not only in overcoming the challenges of labour but also in getting quick Return on Investment.

The Edge: Patented Technology

imageIn technology is a unique computer vision technology that is used to analyze a given object in a 3 Dimensional space. Unlike the conventional 3-D analysis, imageIn Technology does not reconstruct a 3-D model. Instead it analyses the region of interest in the 3-D space over a distributed computation. This technology is inspired by the nature's compound eye principle found in most insects.

All the nanoSorter range of cashew grading machines is based on the patented imageIn Technology. Cashew grading in India has been transformed thanks to the use of imageIn technology.This technology powers our nanoSorter range of fully automated cashew grading machines with multi-grading functions. They can sort by colour, size and type in a Single Pass, making nanoPix, a leading cashew grading machine manufacturer in India.

nanoPixnanoSorters cashew grading machines are available in 50KG (SHUKA), 75KG (HAMSA) and 125KG (HAMSA+) grading capacities in 5 Plus 2 grades in single pass. nanoPixhas also developedthe state of the art Automated Crate Handler System (ACHS).

Constant Innovation: Advantage Customer

In practical terms, innovation for us means pushing the boundaries to meet customer requirements. The practice of continuous innovation has helped us create value for customers.imageIn technology patent has now been officially filed in 80 countries across the world. Our growth story has crossed borders from India to across the seas, with exports to Vietnam. More demand pours in from across the world for this unique product.

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