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California Almond Exporters Express Concern About China Trade

California Almond Exporters Express Concern About China Trade

Apr 13, 2018


Almond Board of California President and CEO, Richard Waycott expressed concerns about losing exports to China, if China assesses an additional 15% tariff on U.S. almonds. The Chinese tariff announcement followed an announcement by the Trump administration that it would impose tariffs on Chinese goods due to unfair trade practices. In a statement provided toAJOT, Waycott said: “The entire California Almond industry is closely monitoring the recently imposed China tariffs, as China is the U.S.’ 3rd largest export market for almonds, with a value of over $500 million. Unimpeded market access in China and around the globe is essential, as almonds are California’s top agricultural export.”


Waycott appealed for an avoidance of actions that would jeopardize U.S. agricultural trade with China: “We encourage continued efforts that will ensure that agriculture, within the global trade environment, continues to expand.” The Port of Oakland, a major agricultural export port, could lose export business if there is a loss of almond and other U.S. agricultural exports to China.


China is proposing an additional 15% tariff on almonds that could result in a total of 25% in tariffs on U.S. almond exports, he said.


Waycott noted:


China is the 3rd largest export destination for California almonds, with an approximate value of $500 million


The almond industry has been active in China for more than 20-years, with marketing and trade promotion activities


Exports to China, prior to the additional tariff, were anticipated to continue growing at about 6% per year


The almond trade has been mutually beneficial to the United States and China: “Market development activities in China have contributed to economic growth in both countries, benefiting California growers and Chinese consumers with a healthy, safe food choice.”


The loss of almond exports to China could have a considerable impact. Almond exports generate over $21 billion and 100,000 jobs in California: “Global almond trade is fundamental to the long-term well-being of the state by generating over 100,000 jobs across multiple professions, resulting in more than $21 billion of gross revenue and adding about $11 billion to the state’s economy.”