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SIETTA 2018 in Abidjan: a cashew fair for the economic empowerment of young Africans

SIETTA 2018 in Abidjan: a cashew fair for the economic empowerment of young Africans

June 10, 2018


From November 8 to 10, 2018, Abidjan will be the world capital of processing raw cashew nuts. Côte d'Ivoire plans to repeat the success of the last two editions of the International Cashew Processing Equipment and Technology Exhibition (SIETTA).


The thorny issue of youth employment in Africa invites itself to this economic and commercial meeting. As a matter of fact, " the cashew industry has enormous potential for creating jobs and even opportunities for wealth. If the 711,236 tons of raw nuts produced in 2017 in Côte d'Ivoire were transformed, at least 100,000 jobs would be generated  ".


Statement made on Thursday, June 7th by Bamba Mamadou, PCA of the Cotton and Cashew Council (CCA), on the occasion of the launch of the SIETTA 2018. At this world meeting, the necessary to the assembly of an industrial unit of nuts cashew will be on display and put on sale. This is the rendezvous not to be missed for those who want to embark on the very promising sector of transformation.


At the launching ceremony, Nigeria sent its ambassador to Abidjan. The African Cashew Alliance (ACA) and Competitive Cashew (ComCashew) had their representatives. A presence that shows the interest given to the question of the transformation of the gray gold, at the scale of the continent. For the 1 st producing country - Côte d'Ivoire - the stakes are higher. With less than 7% processing for more than 711,000 tonnes produced, " local processing of cashews is a priority.


The government intends to continue its efforts towards integrated and sustainable development of cashew nuts with a view to increasing its value in order to make the cashew industry attractive to young people,  "said the Ivorian Minister of Commerce, assuring the interim of his colleague from Industry.


Nothing but transformation


Its status 1 st exporter of raw nuts with 33% of world supply, the country wants to take the step of industrialization of its cashew sector. Ivory Coast is not lacking strategies. Among which, "  the introduction of a processing premium to increase the competitiveness of s local units , the reservation of 15% of the volume exported in respect of the 2018 campaign to ensure the supply of existing units in materials first  "listed PCA of the regulatory body.


The country has a program to promote the competitiveness of the cashew nut sector (PCAP). To support it, a $ 200 million financing agreement was signed with the World Bank. Recently, the Tony Blair Foundation has expressed its willingness to contribute to the promotion of the Ivorian cashew industry.


SIETTA next November will therefore give a boost to the process of transformation. In addition to "  better understanding the costs and performance of the machines that will be exhibited,  it will also create business links between actors in the value chain of the cashew industry  ," added Minister Souleymane diarrassouba.


Ivorian authorities are expecting a record attendance at this International Cashew Processing Equipment and Technology Show. It will serve as a framework for the holding of the 3 rd Council of Ministers of the International Cashew Council (CICC) and the annual conference of the ACA. The SIETTA of November 2016 has registered more than 12,000 visitors, according to the director of the CCA and general commissioner of the event. Delegations had come from 36 countries.