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Cote d'Ivoire govt signs deal with Visa to digitise farm payments

Cote d'Ivoire govt signs deal with Visa to digitise farm payments

5 July 2018


The government of Cote d'Ivoire has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Visa to digitise government services and ensure financial services are accessible to more people. It will work with Visa to review current financial services programmes in the country and create informed action plans to aid adoption of electronic payments. Under the agreement, Visa will provide Visa Mobile push payments for the more than 1.1 million cocoa, coffee and cashew nut farmers whose work amounts to 20 percent of Cote D'Ivoire's GDP.


For the first time, these farmers will be able to make and accept digital payments on their mobile device and transfer funds directly from one bank account to another. By being connected to a bank via an app, they will be able to apply for the credit and loans they need to expand their businesses. Visa will also enable around 35,000 transit vehicles to accept mobile payments, helping the transport sector flow more efficiently by minimising queues and ensuring payment for all journeys.


It will also work with Cote d'Ivoire’s government to assess and develop government prepaid services for student scholarships and government employees' salaries and travel expenses. To partner with Cote D'Ivoire's more than 200 post offices to digitise aid and support for the elderly and less privileged, as well as helping people pay digitally for their utilities and government services bills as part of the "House of Citizen" programme of the Cote d'Ivoire Post Office