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Development of the cashew nut sector: Presentation workshop of the environmental and social management system for the transformation of the cashew nut

March 8th, 2018


The World Bank hosted this Tuesday, March 6, 2018 a presentation workshop of the environmental management system and social for the processing of cashew.  The Director General of the National Agency for the Environment (ANDE), Dr GBE Nondai Didier explained that the workshop aimed to give tools, tools to the private sector to promote the development of cashew transformers.


"We have received support from the World Bank to make all the mechanisms that come into play known to all. And to facilitate access to production, and all the information that comes from the ANDE, about the environmental and social impact, "said Dr. GBE Nondai Didier.


According to the Director General of the ANDE, to allow the actors of the sector to appropriate these new mechanisms, an awareness phase is planned. "We must continue to raise awareness. All methods of production and the requirements of sustainable development must be made accessible.


This workshop is the culmination of 2 years of work with the various actors ANDE, the Ministry of Industry and Mines and the Council of Cotton and Cashew. The global agribusiness project, made up of the Public-Private Dialogue Promotion and Storage Receipt components, is underway and the pilot project is expected by the end of March; and finally, the SME support component directly related to environmental compliance, benefited from a $ 2 million financing agreement from the World Bank.